Random Acts of Kindness Game for Kids

Random Acts of Kindness Game for Kids

How amazing would it be if we all did one small act of kindness each day? What better day to start than on National Random Acts of Kindness Day this February 17th? This day has grown in popularity over the years and what a game changer it could be if everyone participated.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”


We tell kids all the time to share, play nicely and be kind to others. It is one thing to say, but we all know how actions mean more than words. Sometimes random acts of kindness can go a long way to brighten our day more than we would ever imagine.

Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week with the Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week with the Go Go Yoga for Kids Kindness Bingo Game.Try to complete all 12 Kindness Challenges before the week is overGo Go Yoga for Kids Kindness Bingo Game.

Try to complete all 12 Kindness Challenges before the week is over to brighten schools, families and yourself.

Find your FREE Go Go Yoga Kids Kindness Bingo Game here.

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International Yoga Day and the Summer Solstice on June 21st

International Yoga Day and the Summer Solstice on June 21st

The official start of summer is with the arrival of the summer solstice on June 21st. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, this marks the longest day of the year.  This is the moment when the Sun reaches the Tropic of Cancer, which is its highest point. For those who live in the Southern Hemisphere, this is the shortest day of the year and the arrival of winter. The solstice happens at the same moment for everyone, everywhere on Earth.

What makes this day even more special is that June 21st is also International Yoga Day which is recognized around the world since its inception in 2015.

What better way then to recognize both of these celebrations than with some family-friendly outdoor yoga?! toega yoga game for kidsCheck out some of our favorite yoga poses and games!

How to Play Summer Beachball Yoga

Toega: Yoga Fun for Your Toes

Family Yoga Jenga Game

Do you love yoga and kids? Keep the fun of International Yoga Day going all year long! Introduce the joy and fun of yoga to children while instilling the benefits they will have for life. Enrollment is now open for our Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training! Find out more here.

Free Spring Kids Yoga Mandala

Free Spring Mandala and Kids Yoga Lesson Plan

Celebrate the Spring Equinox with this Free Spring Mandala. Download your kid and adult Spring Mandala, take it outside and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of this wonderful season.

Next practice these Spring Kids Yoga Poses. I love this yoga sequence as it helps show the transformation that is happening all around us.

Caterpillar to Butterfly Yoga Sequence
  1. Begin in Cobra Pose. Pretend to be a hungry caterpillar, lifting your head to munch on a leaf as you raise in Cobra Pose.spring
  2. Move into Plank Pose. This is the caterpillar on a branch, getting ready to form a cocoon.
  3. Lower into child’s pose and become a safe little cocoon. Be still. Breathe deeply and get ready for an exciting change to happen!
  4. Finally become butterflies! Practice Butterfly Pose and flutter your wings. Talk with the children about what color of wings their butterflies have and where they would fly to. How fast or slow can they flap their wings?
Egg to Tadpole to Frog Yoga Sequence
  1. Begin in child’s pose as that represents the tiny egg.
  2. Slowly inch onto your stomach and “swim” while moving your arms and leg up and down to be the tadpole.
  3. Then take Frog Pose (Malasana), with your feet on the floor and your legs in a deep squat. See if you can try out your new frog legs with frog hops on your mat.
Seed to Flower Yoga Sequence
  1. Begin in Child’s Pose and pretend to be a tiny seed in the ground.spring yoga pose
  2. Lift one arm as you imagine a tiny stem beginning to poke through the Earth.
  3. Sit up straight and tall inn Lotus (flower) Pose with your legs crossed. Raise your arms up into a flower shape toward the sun. Can you sway in the breeze?

Have fun with these spring yoga kid ideas. See if your children can come up with any other changes that happen in the spring such as weather, animals or plants. The possibilities are endless and putting these springtime changes into yoga postures makes them all the more memorable.


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Disney Yoga Magic Carpet Ride with Go Go Yoga for Kids

Disney Yoga Magic Carpet Ride with Go Go Yoga for Kids

Join Go Go Yoga for Kids on a magical time at Barnes and Noble where over 50 young princes and princesses took off on their magic yoga mats for some Disney yoga for kids themed fun!

After warming up with some Darth Vader deep breathing, We became brave Pocahontas standing on our cliff and ready to dive forward for Sun Salutations.

Soon we were strong Warriors like Princess Mulan. Ready to stand up for what we believe in and what is right.

Peter Pan is ready to fly over the city. What will he see? This Peter Pan Pose is great for back strength.

Of course, we remembered our new Princess Moana in Boat Pose. We rowed our boats slowly and then quickly.

After meeting Princess Ariel on a rock in mermaid pose, it was almost time to end our yoga session.

See a video of our magical kids yoga class on our Go Go Yoga Kids Youtube Channel.

Need an easy way to practice yoga at home with your kids? Check out our brand new Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards.

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