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Kids yoga is a non-competitive activity that allows them to have fun and exist outside of the daily stresses of life. It helps children learn about themselves by being present and mindful in their bodies. It’s important to change the lessons based on how best to teach yoga to different ages of kids.

When I teach kids yoga, the emphasis is on creativity and having fun as they pretend to be a cat, tree, superhero, or wherever the poses and their imaginations lead them. While learning the yoga basics they are also discovering how the poses make them feel.

kids yoga class
We are having fun pretending to be a shark swimming in the ocean by practicing Shark Pose.

Through yoga, children will experience body awareness, empowerment, and ways to slow down and be in the moment, all in a safe and fun environment. Each new year and stage of development brings with it a unique excitement and challenge.

The following general guidelines, found from my interview with Catharine Hannay of Mindful Teachers, will help you decide what types of yoga games and activities are most appropriate for your students or your own children.

Read my full interview and Important Kids Yoga Age Grouping Ideas here.

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