Let’s Give Thanks: Free Kids Yoga Lesson Plan

Let’s Give Thanks: Free Kids Yoga Lesson Plan

It is the month of gratitude and thankfulness. Help kids learn and practice gratitude AND yoga with our “Let’s Give Thanks” FREE Kids Yoga Lesson Plan! Yoga poses, breathing exercises, yoga games, and our fun Planksgiving Challenge are all included!

Celebrate gratitude with children with all year long.

Let’s Give Thanks: Free Kids Yoga Lesson Plan

Get kids fit, flexible and focused with our complete step-by-step Kids Yoga Lesson Plan books. Themes, poses, breathing exercises, games, mindfulness, challenges for all ages and much more.

Thanksgiving Yoga Poses for Kids Fun

Thanksgiving is all about family, friends, food and being thankful. Go Go Yoga for Kids shows fun Thanksgiving yoga poses that can be done to prepare your mind and body for the holiday.

First is our fun Turkey Breathing that will help get your mind and breath connected. Next, we lead you into our Planksgiving Challenge. Enjoy!


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Free Fall Kids Yoga Lesson Plan

Free Fall Kids Yoga Lesson Plan

Free Fall Kids Yoga Lesson Plan. Welcome Fall!

Fall is in the air! One of the things that I truly love about living in the midwest is the change of seasons. I truly do appreciate the changing trees and landscape that each new season brings. As soon as you get tired of the heat, snow, or rain, then the season begins to magically transform into a new one.

I love incorporating the change of seasons with my kids yoga classes. Kids enjoy the seasonal themes with the poses, breathing exercises, and yoga games. By having a theme, it truly helps the children connect with and retain with what they are learning.

Get your free Kids Yoga Fall Fun Lesson Plan below. Learn many Fall themed yoga poses, find out how to play the fun yoga game “Wind in the Trees” as well as create spooky Down Dog Tunnels and partner poses.

For this kids yoga lesson plan, I use the Kids Yoga Challenge Pose CardsThese pose cards provide a great visual for the yoga poses as well as the partner yoga poses.


Free Fall Kids Yoga Lesson Plan
Check out our Partner Bats


Have you ever seen such a lovely Fall leaf? (Partner Pose)


It is much more fun to try to balance with a pumpkin on your head!


Interested in more kids yoga lesson plans? Our bestselling Go Go Yoga for Kids resources includes hundreds of kids yoga lesson plans, games, poses, mindfulness exercises and much more. Click to learn more.

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Win a Free Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training with Go Go Yoga for Kids

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  • How to efficiently and easily plan a kids yoga class from beginning to end.
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  • How to really create mindfulness in children
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Favorite Yoga Games

Favorite Yoga Games

Summer Fun Giveaway!

I love sharing my favorite kid-tested and approved Yoga Games for children of all ages.

Kids love playing yoga games and they are a great way to get kids moving in good and healthy ways while practicing yoga poses and building strength.

Games are also perfect for allowing opportunities to work together as a team and practice yoga poses in fun and engaging ways.

Below are a few of our Featured Kids Yoga Games. Enter to win one of our bestselling Go Go Yoga for Kids books.


How to Enter and Win:

  • Click on the image to learn how to play the Yoga Game
  • Vote for Your Favorite Game on the form below.
  • Select which Go Go Yoga for Kids book you would choose!

What is Your Favorite Yoga Game?

Click on image to learn how to play and then vote below for a chance to win!

Kids Need Yoga More Than Ever

Kids need yoga. Our world is changing, and our kids face different challenges and commitments then they have in the past.

There are many demands on kids’ time and pressure to do well and be successful at what they are involved in. This includes school, family, friends, sports, quickly changing technology and other interests.

kids in tree pose


Kids need to learn how to be able to work through these demands in healthy and responsible ways.

Yoga is a skill that can benefit all kids no matter what activities they are involved in or what their interests and abilities are. Yoga meets everyone at any stage and provides incredible extrinsic and intrinsic benefits.

By introducing yoga to children through playing games, this helps create high interest and engagement. The children will better retain the poses and skills they have learned, will practice teamwork and leadership skills while having a lot of fun!

Yoga Alphabet for Kids

Yoga Alphabet for Kids

The  Best Alphabet Yoga Poses for Kids

Kids love yoga games! Games are a great way to get kids moving, build strength, practice following directions, working together and learning yoga poses in fun and engaging ways.

Get Your Free Yoga Games Guide Below and get ready to learn and play!

Why Kids love Alphabet Yoga:

Alphabet Yoga is a great mental and physical game. It’s a wonderful way to practice different yoga poses and it really gets kids thinking creatively.

Kids don’t need to have lots of experience with yoga poses to be able to play this game. It’s one that they can use their creativity and use their imagination.

How to Play Alphabet Yoga

You can play this with ages five and up. You can do this with 1 child, 15 or 20! Alphabet Yoga is very flexible on the numbers of players.

I use the Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards for this game. You don’t need to have the Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards but it is nice to have a visual for the kids with yoga poses and helps if they get stuck.
yoga pose

  1. Have everyone sit in a circle.
  2. The first child takes the first letter of the alphabet which is A. They must come up with a yoga pose or make one up that starts up with A. The child may choose Airplane Pose. Everyone says A  Airplane Pose and they practice it.
  3. Then the next child in the circle has one. This child could say; Boat Pose, Butterfly Pose, Bird Pose, etc.. Everyone then practices the B letter pose.
  4. Next they go on to letter C. There’s a lot of good C yoga words. You could practice Cat Pose, Cobra Pose, Cow Pose would work, if you really want to up the game with kids and make it very challenging you could do Crow Pose.
  5. Continue with letter D. The kids could come up with Dancer Pose or Down Dog. Again these poses are all in the Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards.
  6.  E is the next letter of the alphabet. Eagle Pose is tons of fun and great to work on balance. You could do Elephant Pose and pretend to sway your trunk up and down.
  7. F could be Flower Pose or Fire Log Pose which are great to practice.
  8. G is for Gorilla Pose or Goddess Pose which is a fun one too.

The game continues on throughout the alphabet.

Alphabet Yoga is included in our new bestselling book; Go Go Yoga for Kids: Yoga Games & Activities for Children.

This book includes over 150 yoga games and activities that can be played with kids of all ages.

Game Variations:

For an extra challenge with the older kids, I would have them remember each pose and repeat from the top.

For example Each time there’s a new pose added they must go back to A Airplane Pose, B Butterfly Pose, C Cat Pose. This is such a wonderful way to practice memory and repetition.

Are you ready to take Kids Yoga to the next level? Our online Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training will completely prepare you to effectively teach yoga to children ages 3-15.

Join thousands of others from all over the world in our popular Kids Yoga Teacher Training.


Find more favorite Kids Yoga Games Below.

Let the Games Begin! Summer Yoga Games for Kids

Let the Games Begin! Summer Yoga Games for Kids

Are you ready for some fun? Kids love yoga games! Games are a great way to get kids moving, build strength, follow directions, work together and practice yoga poses in fun and engaging ways. Welcome to our summer yoga games for kids series!  You do not want to miss this! Download your Yoga Games Guide and get ready for fun.

Let the Yoga Games Begin!

Be sure to follow us on YouTube where you will be the first to see all of the brand new Kids Yoga Games released!

Once you have your FREE downloadable Yoga Summer Games Guide you will be ready for the fun!

It will be so much fun learning a variety of yoga games perfect for all ages!

These Yoga Games Will:

  • Create strength physically and mentally for kids
  • Promote teamwork and team building skills
  • Build confidence
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve Balance and focus
  • Enhance creative thinking
  • Bring joy, laughter, and reminders not to take ourselves too seriously!

New games will be released weekly and will include videos, blog posts with how to enhance and differentiate for kids with varying abilities within the games, as well as game images and lesson plans.

Do not miss a single moment!

yoga games for kids
Find your Free Summer Yoga Games Guide for Kids & Families

Age Group Characteristics & Groupings for Yoga Games

The following guidelines will help you decide which yoga games and activities are most appropriate for the children you will be working with.

Early Childhood: Ages 2-5

Children at this stage thrive on repetition and routine. This knowledge is helpful not just in their play, but in all areas of their lives. Children at this age have difficulty waiting for their turn, but they learn as it is shown and modeled. 

Preschool children are just discovering all of the different ways their bodies can move around—skip, hop, gallop, shuffle, run, walk backward—making active movement games especially beneficial. Incorporating pretend and fantasy into yoga games feeds imaginations and allows for unique personalities and ideas to emerge and grow. 

Keeping games short, five to seven minutes at most, and giving simple directions will keep them present and focused. They are easily distracted but they are eager to learn and will engage well with repetitive directions, movements, and play.

School Age: Ages 5-11

As kids mature, they develop longer attention spans, stronger bodies, and more control over their movements. But they also need variation, as they grow bored with anything too repetitive.

Physically, kids this age can handle additional large motor movement and poses, so incorporating more complicated games and activities will challenge them and keep them engaged. Introducing themes helps them retain information and recall it.

This age group enjoys cooperation and teamwork. Friendships are important. Children quickly learning interpersonal skills as they move through elementary, primary, and intermediate schools. They understand the concept of taking turns and often have a developing or well-formed understanding of teamwork.

Late Childhood or Teens/Tweens: Ages 11-14

Into their early teen years, kids enjoy working with peers, competitive games, and trying new and advanced poses. While building on what they already know, this is a good time to include poses and challenges their parents or other adults may be doing in yoga. The control they have developed over their bodies makes them capable of a wide variety of movements.

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