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The Yoga Hurdles game has always been a favorite of kids in my yoga classes. Yoga Hurdles is found in our new bestselling book Go Go Yoga for Kids: Yoga Games & Activities for Children. Go Go Yoga for Kids: Yoga Games & Activities for Children includes over 150 games, partner games, breathing exercises, teamwork, group challenges, mindful games. This game is in the Active Movement Game chapter.

Yoga games and activities for children
Go Go Yoga for Kids: Yoga Games & Activities

A lot of times in yoga we talk about with kids how it’s not just about holding the poses and being still and quiet. It’s also about getting your heart pumping and feeling good and getting that energy there. We call this the Active Movement part of your Kids Yoga Class. By playing Yoga Hurdles, you will get that energy going for sure! 

How to Play Yoga Hurdles:

          • First ask the kids if they know what a hurdle is. Ask if they have seen them at a track and field event.
          • Tell them that today in this game they are going to be the Human hurdles! This means that they are going to become hurdles themselves!
          • The kids sit facing a partner and they put their legs out and feet to feet so it creates a hurdle. With younger kids this will be enough and they will feel a good stretch. When playing with older kids you can make varied heights of the hurdles with your hands.
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Make a Yoga Hurdle with Your Body and Feel a Good Stretch

          • The Human Hurdles sit themselves in a line, allowing enough space for the children to jump over each hurdle.
          • Each child take a turn running through the hurdles. They have to be mindful and careful when doing this and The Human Hurdles need to be still and quiet as well

Game Variations:

The kids have a lot of fun with this game and there are several variations that you can try.

          • You can easily space the Human Hurdle further apart or this game can easily be changed up and you can make it into a relay or you can make it into a race.                                         
          • Another way to change it up is by not having the kids be partners but instead, they are lying in a circle with their heads pointed toward the center of the circle.
        • One child at a time goes around the circle and hops carefully over the hurdles.


Yoga Hurdles is a game that children love because it is fun and different. I love how it gets their hearts pumping and happy as they prepare to learn and practice their themed yoga poses. Find out how to easily teach yoga poses to children.

yoga hurdles

Learn about the fun variations with the game Yoga Hurdles.

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