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First Steps in How to Teach Yoga to Kids:

Discover how to teach a child yoga class with these simple steps.

How can I get started teaching yoga to children?

What are the best ways to teach yoga to different ages of kids?

Help! I need some mindfulness games that I can try at home with my child.

how to teach yoga to kids
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Are you curious about how to handle the controversy of practicing yoga in schools? What about using the word Namaste?  My friend Catharine, over at Mindfulness Teachers, got to the bottom of these questions and many more in her interview. Find out the answers to these questions and much more on her First Steps to Teaching Yoga to Kids Series.

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Kids yoga is a non-competitive activity that allows them to have fun and exist outside of the daily stresses of life. It helps children learn about themselves by being present and mindful in their bodies.

When I teach kids yoga, the emphasis is on creativity and having fun as they pretend to be a cat, tree, superhero, or wherever the poses and their imaginations lead them. While learning the yoga basics they are also discovering how the poses make them feel.

Through yoga, children will experience body awareness, empowerment, and ways to slow down and be in the moment, all in a safe and fun environment. Each new year and stage of development brings with it a unique excitement and challenge.

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