Free Easter and Spring Kids Yoga Lesson Plans, Games, and Activities

Free Easter and Spring Kids Yoga Lesson Plans, Games, and Activities

Get things hopping with Go Go Yoga for Kids and these Spring yoga themes, poses, games and lesson plans below!

Get your FREE complete Easter Egg Kids Yoga Lesson Plan with all of the Spring yoga poses, games and activities.

Begin with Bunny Breath: Kids love this calming and fun breathing exercise. Pretend to be a bunny as you take short quick sniffs through your nose.

Pretend to Be a Flower: Next get kids moving while pretending to be a seed in the ground ready to bloom into a flower. Does your flower grow quickly or slowly?

Learn some Easter and Spring Yoga Poses: Select 3-5 yoga poses for each yoga session. I like my yoga poses to correspond with our yoga theme. Your Spring Theme Yoga Poses are included in the lesson plan.

Play a Yoga Game: After learning and practicing the Spring Yoga Poses, it is time to practice the poses and work oKids Yoga Challenge Pose Cardsn some balance exercises that are given in the lesson plan. If the children are up for a challenge, try Raindrop Partner Pose. You can find this partner pose and 39 additional poses with the Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards.

Circle Showcase: Bring your kids yoga class to a close by having a Spring Yoga Show with the children showing off their favorite yoga pose.

Time for Rest: After the Spring Yoga Show it is time for Stillness and Savasana. Have the children gently curl up as if they are a bunny in their nest or hold. See if they can notice the rise and fall of their breath. It is so very relaxing and calming.

For more kids lesson plans check out our bestselling guides; Go Go Yoga for Kids: A Complete Guide for Using Yoga With Kids and Go Go Yoga for Kids: Yoga Lessons for Children.

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How to Play the Listening Game with Children

How to Play the Listening Game with Children

Are you ready for a new and fun idea that will get kids to listen? The Listening Game is one of my favorite new mindfulness games to use in my kids yoga classes. This simple game works like magic in getting your student’s attention while helping them be quiet and mindful.

I have used this with kids ages 2-16 and it is amazing how it completely calms and focuses them.

This is also a good game to use as a teacher to transition from a loud large group activity to a more calming and mindful time.

For this game, the only thing you need is chime, bell, or a singing bowl. This is chime has been my favorite to use and is pretty inexpensive on Amazon.

This chime is also the perfect size for popping into my kids yoga bag to take to class or in my teacher bag to use at school.

What I Would Say to the Kids:
How many of you think you are really good at listening? Children raise hands

Great! We are going to see what great listeners we can be and play The Listening Game!

Sit up nice in tall in your seat with your hands resting in your lap. Now I am going to play a chime. I want you to listen for as long as you can. When you do not hear the chime anymore than raise your hand. Are you ready?

Play the chime once. Notice when the children raise their hands when they cannot hear the chime anymore. They can also open their eyes.

Oh, you are such great listeners AND you look so relaxed!

Have the children take two or three rounds of breath together and then play again. A note from experience,  remember to not overplay this game so it will not lose its effectiveness. 2-4 rounds is enough at one time.

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Yoga Games for Kids

Yoga Games for Kids

How to Teach Yoga & Mindfulness to Kids

Online Teacher Training

kids yoga teacher training

The Top Yoga Games for Kids

Let’s get started with yoga games! I’m going to tell you about the Top 10 Yoga Games and we’ll also learn why games are important with kids yoga.

Kids remember the poses when they play games with them. They are also a great way to practice the poses with games. Kids love games. They’re a great way to get kids moving, practice poses, and working together. I also love taking my favorite familiar childhood games and turning them into yoga games for kids. Some of these games need materials but the majority do not.

 Top 10 Yoga Games for Kids:
  1. First is Yogi Says which is similar to Simon Says where you will have a leader. The leader will say different things such as “Yogi Says hop on one foot,” “Yogi Says jump up and down,” “Yogi Says do Tree Pose.” You can incorporate action movements as well as yoga poses.

yogi says

2. Next, you can turn on some music with freeze dance. When you stop the music everyone can hold a favorite pose the best they can.

3. For Animal Pick you can fill a bag with all stuffed animals or toys and kids can take turns drawing out an animal and thinking about what yoga pose the animal might do. For example, a stuffed dog could be down dog.

Boat Pose

4. A few more yoga games is Yoga Stories. I’ve got a lot of good books that I recommend with this. Any story that includes animals in it. You can pause as you’re reading the story and see if kids can come up with a yoga pose for the animal.

5. Musical mats is just like musical chairs. It’s another fun yoga game. Put your mats in a circle and turn on some music. When the music stops make a yoga pose right there on the mat hold it.

Kids yoga training

6. The Yoga Obstacle course is another favorite of kids. You can use anything – couch cushions, hula hoops, jump ropes. Place them all in a circular formation along with some yoga pose cards or different poses that kids can do. Then the kids can move around the room with the obstacle course, also stopping at variable points and holding their yoga pose.

7. Yoga Shapes is also a favorite one. You can write a shape down, like a triangle or square, on a piece of paper and kids can try to make that with their body.

8. Yoga Jenga I created by just taking the familiar Jenga game and writing down names of poses on the blocks. You play with normal Jenga rules with pulling out the blocks and learning each pose as you pull it out and then placing it on top.

yoga jenga

9. Yoga Says is also fun for the kids. Have them pick 3 to 4 poses that they’ve learned and they are center stage and their job with the yoga show is to show the poses and kind of transition in between them so that it flows pretty seamlessly.

10. Another great game for younger ages is Follow the Leader where you can lead or the kids can take turns leading movements and yoga poses and everyone does what the leader is doing.

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Free Easter and Spring Kids Yoga Lesson Plans, Games, and Activities

Easter Egg Yoga Spring Kids Lesson Plan

Get out your plastic Easter eggs ready and celebrate Spring with this fun kids yoga lesson plan, games, and activities. Easter egg yoga is for kids of all ages this holiday. 
Celebrate Spring with this fun kids yoga lesson plan, games, and activities. Easter egg yoga is for kids of all ages this holiday. 

Easter Egg Yoga

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For more kids yoga lesson plans check out our two bestselling books filled with dozens of ready to go kids yoga lesson plans and kids yoga games and activities.

Complete guide

Yoga lessons

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Go Go Yoga for Kids: A Complete Guide to Using Yoga with Children





Lucky Leprechaun Kids Yoga Lesson Plan for St Patrick’s Day

Lucky Leprechaun Kids Yoga Lesson Plan for St Patrick’s Day

 St. Patrick’s Day Kids Yoga Lesson Plan

kids yoga lesson plans

Get ready to celebrate St. Patricks Day with these lucky and fun kids yoga St. Patrick’s Day poses,games, breathing exercises and more. These yoga poses and games are perfect for home, school, and studio. Get the full lesson plan in our bestselling book Go Go Yoga for Kids: Yoga Lessons for Children.




Begin with Rainbow Breath:

1.Place your index fingers together.

2. On the inhale reach your arms to one side of your body.

3. On the exhale, raise your arms overhead and lower to the other side.

Themed Yoga Poses:

Pot of Gold: Full Boat Pose

Leprechaun: Chair Pose or Warrior 2 Pose

4 Leaf Clover: Star Pose

Horseshoe: Horse Pose

Rainbow: Wheel Pose, Bridge Pose, Reverse Plank

Visuals for all of these yoga poses can be found in the Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards

cobra poseMore St. Paddy’s Kids Yoga Ideas:

Balance Practice: Use plastic gold coins to work on balancing them on your hand, head, knee, etc. The children will have lots of ideas on where they can balance their gold coins. You can also use these gold coins for balance relays which the kids think are lots of fun.

Find the complete Lucky Leprechaun Kids Yoga Lesson Plan in our new bestselling Go Go Yoga for Kids: Yoga Lessons for Children book.

Get your free Kids Yoga St. Patricks Day Mandala here.


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Happy May Day from Go Go Yoga for Kids

Happy May Day from Go Go Yoga for Kids

I have such great memories as a kid with creating May Day baskets with my sisters on the first day of May. We would fill our homemade baskets with little candies, popcorn, and flowers. We would then deliver them to our neighbors. This involved sneaking up to our neighbors’ house, placing the May Day Baskets in front of the door, ring the doorbell and run around to the side of the house to hide. We were almost always seen by our neighbors because our high pitched giggling was sure to give us away.

It was then so much fun to get back home from our deliveries and discover May Day baskets left by neighbors on our front step. It was a sure sign that the other neighborhood kids were celebrating the start of May as well.

Years later, I kept this tradition going with my own children. Although we live in a bigger city, we try to make our own little community by knowing our neighbors and surprising them with this somewhat forgotten tradition.

May is such  a beautiful month filled with new growth and life. Celebrate this month and Spring with the children that you love and care about.

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