Free Online Conscious Parenting Masterclass with Sara J. Weis

Free Online Conscious Parenting Masterclass with Sara J. Weis

I know we all have the desire to see our children grow and thrive under any circumstance. This is so important now, more than ever. I invite you to join me in a virtual parenting class free that my colleague, Adriana Holguin has created for you. She has invited 20+ experts to talk about the power of parenting, how to uncover limiting beliefs and traumas, and how to step into a loving trust-filled relationship with your children.

Come enjoy and learn from authentic, inspiring and successful voices in conscious parenting which includes speakers, authors, coaches, and teachers.

I am so excited to share how to easily incorporate fun and beneficial yoga poses as well as mindfulness exercises for some family fun and together time! This FREE Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Masterclass will include the most beneficial yoga poses for these young growing bodies as well as fun yoga games to practice these poses.

You will also learn the top mindfulness exercises that can help calm children and set them up for success and a growth mindset. Included with this Masterclass will be the opportunity to receive your own free Kids Yoga Pose Memory Game which is perfect for the whole family to play together and enjoy.

This event is a parenting class FREE, entirely virtual, and you can register HERE.

children are our most valuable resource

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How to Build Community in Your Kids Yoga Class

How to Build Community in Your Kids Yoga Class

Welcome to our Kids Yoga Lesson Planning 101 Free Training! Throughout this training we have learned how to put together engaging, successful, fun, and memorable kids yoga classes. Now we will learn how to build community.

Get all caught up here with the Most Important Parts Every Kids Yoga Class Needs:

Video 1: How to Plan Your Kids Yoga Class

Video 2: The Welcome

Video 3: Breathing Exercises

Video 4: Sun Salutations

Video 5: Active Movement

Video 6: Themed Yoga Poses

Video 7: The Yoga Challenge

Building Community comes toward the end of your kids yoga class. Everyone has had fun, learned a lot, and now it is time to bring the energy level down a little.

How to Build Trust and Community in Your Kids Yoga Classes: Building Community

As a teacher, I know that it can be tempting to skip or rush this portion of class if you are feeling short on time. I encourage you to really make time for this building community portion of class. It is a very important part for your students as well as for you, their teacher.

As you begin to bring your yoga class to a close, it is important and beneficial to reflect on all that you have learned and accomplished during class. It makes the students feel stronger and more united as a class.

This is personally one of my favorite parts of class as it ties everything together. The children share what they have learned and what they have enjoyed. I love hearing about their favorite parts and often times I am surprised. Many times it is not what I think such as mastering a difficult pose, but instead it might be how they felt or how they connected with another student and maybe made a new friend.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to Build Community in your Kids Yoga Classes. Give them a try. They love it and it truly begins to bring your class to a close.

How to Create a Thunderstorm With Kids

kids yoga teacher training
Building Community by playing “Pass the Squeeze”

We have many more ways to Build Community in our bestselling book, Go Go Yoga for Kids: A Complete Guide to Yoga with Kids

Now you are ready for the final part of your Kids Yoga Class: Stillness and Savasana (Part 9) Kids Yoga Lesson Planning 101.

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Girls on the Run with Go Go Yoga for Kids

Girls on the Run with Go Go Yoga for Kids

Join Go Go Yoga for Kids for a fun, energetic, and free Kids Yoga Class!

Go Go Yoga for Kids, Girls on the Run, and Athleta Girl all together to celebrate and encourage our young female athletes!

beach ball yoga
Go Go Yoga for Kids at Athleta Girl

Have fun with yoga, make your own trail mix, enjoy an educational lesson from Girls on the Run of Iowa, and leave with some goodies from Athleta!

When: February 8th, 8:30 AM

Where: Upper level of Jordan Creek Mall by Finish Line

What to Bring: A yoga mat and be ready for fun

Why: Celebrate National Girls and Women in Sports Day! We believe in the positive power of sports to help build girls’ confidence. Nothing should stand in the way of making your body and mind healthy and happy.

kids yoga lesson plans
Get the best Kids Yoga Games & Activities instantly with our Go Go Yoga for Kids E-Store

We need yoga now more than ever in our world today. Are you ready to know more about how to teach yoga to children in kid-friendly and effective ways? Our Go Go Yoga for Kids resources are perfect mindfulness books for kids.

Go Go Yoga for Kids E-Store

Now you are able to easily download your Go Go Yoga for Kids book on ANY device. This means your iphone, computer, tablet, kindle, ipad. Any of these places! You can also easily transfer it from device to device. This is also extra exciting because you are able to easily print out sections that are important to you. I know how much you love the kids yoga lesson plans!

Now you can easily find which lesson plan you want to use and print it out for your personal use. This is also true for our lesson plan templates, guides and games that are found in our books! Thank you for directly supporting me as the author. This increases our personal connection and you will receive your Kids Yoga Lesson Plan Books in lightning speed!

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Kids Yoga Poses to Open Hearts and Minds

Kids Yoga Poses to Open Hearts and Minds

Try these five heart-opening yoga valentine poses with children this Valentine holiday. These heart-opening exercises are especially beneficial for kids and adults who spend the majority of their day slouched in desks at school and work or with their heads bent over screens and books.

These exercises take only minutes and will help improve posture and release back and neck tension as well as create openness in your body and mind.

All of these yoga poses can be found in our Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards that are available in our store and on Amazon.

  1. Cat to Cow Pose: Begin on your hands and knees. Next round your back and tuck your chin into your chest as if you are a cat. Then look up, arch your back and open your chest into Cow Pose. This is a great way to strengthen your spine and begin to feel your heart opening.
  2. Updog Pose: Lie on your tummy. Place the palms of your hands next to your shoulders and look up. Slowly straighten your arms and open your chest. It is okay to keep arms bent as well.

    yoga pose app

    The Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards available on Amazon include 40 Heart Opening Yoga Poses, Balance Poses, and Partner Poses.

  3. Bridge or Wheel Pose: Kids love trying to get into Wheel Pose, but this huge heart opener is not easily accessible for all. For an easier but still effective heart opener, try Bridge Pose. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. Rest your arms alongside your body, tuck your chin into your chest, and lift your back to create a bridge.
  4. Camel Pose: Take this pose slowly and feel your heart open. Get on your knees, lean back slowly, and place your hands on your lower back or ankles. Tilt your head back, open your chest, and breathe.
  5. Bow Pose: Lie on your tummy, bend your knees, and lift your chest. Reach your arms back toward your toes and hold onto your feet. Let your heart shine!

bow pose yoga

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The Yoga Challenge: Kids Yoga Lesson Planning 101

The Yoga Challenge: Kids Yoga Lesson Planning 101

Welcome to the Kids Yoga Lesson Planning 101 series. I am glad that you are here. You can get all caught up with the videos below:

Why you need a Kids Yoga Lesson Plan before you even think about teaching yoga to children.

Part 1: The Welcome: How to engage your students right from the start.

Part 2: Breathing Exercises: Made Relevant and FUN for Children

Part 3: Sun Salutations Made Simple: Connect Movement with Breath

Part 4: The Importance of Active Movement: Get hearts pumping, build strength, and get wiggles out.

Part 5: Themed Yoga Poses

Part 6: Yoga Games for Kids

Now you are ready for Part 7 of the Kids Yoga Lesson Planning 101 Training:

The Kids Yoga Challenge!

Congratulations! Now you are well over halfway through with your yoga class. Your students have moved, breathed, learned a lot and had fun! Now it’s time for Part 7 of your Kids Yoga Class with The Yoga Challenge!

The Kids Yoga Challenge: Yoga Lesson Planning 101 Part 6

With the Yoga Challenge portion of your kids yoga class, your students will have the opportunity to work on a challenge by themselves or together with the group. Select one of the options below and spend 7-9 minutes having fun with the Yoga Challenge.

The Yoga Challenge Options:

1. Balance Poses:

Select a single balance yoga pose for the children to work on. This could be Airplane Pose, Dancer Pose, Tree Pose or may others. We like to use The Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards to help provide a visual. When placed on the floor, they also provide a wonderful focal point.

Kids love to work on balance in yoga class because it is fun and challenging. They often don’t realize that they are acquiring a skill that improves each time they practice. This is good news because studies have shown that our balance decreases as we age beginning at age 7. With practice, we can maintain this balance.

2. Inversions:

I understand that Inversions can sound scary to try…especially with kids. The great news is that Inversions do not need to be difficult to do and the benefits are enormous. Find out how to practice our favorite Kids Yoga Inversions here.

yoga headstand

3. Partner Yoga Poses:

Kids love partner yoga poses! Partner yoga poses help teach children the importance of teamwork and working together plus they are fun to do and build trust and community with one another. Check out our all-time favorite Kids Yoga Partner Poses here.

4. Group Yoga Challenge:

This type of yoga challenges are some of my favorites. Do not overthink this, it can be anything from standing in a circle and passing a hula hoop without letting go of hands. It can also be a Group Tree Pose or a Down Dog Tunnel. The point is to get the children working together to achieve a goal while having fun!

Down Dog Tunnel
Down Dog Tunnels are always a hit for The Yoga Challenge.

The Yoga Challenge is an important part of your kids yoga class for differentiation and meeting the varying needs of your students. Everything can be modified.

This challenge allows the children the opportunity to work on more difficult poses by themselves or within the group. This builds trust and community.

Continue on with Part 8 of your Kids Yoga Lesson Planning 101: Building Community.

More Favorite Kids Yoga Partner Poses:

Tips on Working With Partners in a Kids Yoga Class

Partner Poses Kids Love to Show Off

Video of a Partner Pose Kids Yoga Class

Its Opposite Yoga Day! Yoga Games for Kids

Its Opposite Yoga Day! Yoga Games for Kids

best kids yoga dvd

Although the official Opposite Day has been declared on January 25, kids love to celebrate Opposite Day anytime. A fun way to do that is with The Opposite Yoga Pose Game and dog pose.

Kids love this yoga game and it really stretches their minds as they think creatively and move their bodies in different ways. Kids don’t necessarily need to have an understanding of all the yoga poses to be able to play. Use The Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards to help this game be even more successful and fun for kids.

How to play the Opposite Yoga Pose Game:

  1. Have one child pick a yoga pose card. These yoga pose cards are our favorites.
  2. Have the child think of an opposite yoga pose for it. For example; Down Dog Pose could be Boat Pose. Or Frog Pose would become Happy Baby Pose and the opposite of Mountain Pose is a Headstand.
  3. The next child then selects a card and everyone demonstrates the opposite of.
  4. Continue around the circle until everyone has had a turn.

**If the child cannot think of what an opposite yoga pose, he or she can make one up or the group can help them think of one.

How many more opposite yoga poses can you think of? It is okay if the children (or you) do not know the name of the poses they are making. Just make them up and have fun!

A helpful tip is to look at the pose card and see what they can come up with. This is a fun game that allows collaboration and teamwork within the group. It is the simple act of moving their bodies in creative and different ways that will produce many benefits.

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