How to Begin Your Kids Yoga Class

How to Begin Your Kids Yoga Class

Congratulations on taking the time to truly gain an understanding of why each part of a kids yoga class is important. By following our everything will easily fall into place for you and your students. A well-thought-out and organized lesson plan will create more opportunities for learning, engagement and create lasting memories.

You can get all caught up with our first Kids Yoga Lesson Planning 101 Training Video Here.

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The Welcome is the very first part of your kids yoga class and it is the first real class interaction you will have together. The Welcome helps set the tone for how your class will go and helps explain to your students what they will be doing and learning as well as what you expect of them.

When you establish and make a connection with your students right from the start, it makes such a difference throughout your class as you introduce and teach breathing exercises, yoga poses, games, challenges, relaxation, and more.

I think about this in my school classroom as well. Children need to know that they are safe and cared for. When you have a connection and a trust established, then you can truly teach the content, relax, and have fun teaching.

A well thought out and organized kids yoga lesson plan will also create more lasting memories and help with explaining yoga to a child.

In the beginning of my kids’ yoga classes, I like to gather the students in a circle and welcome them warmly while having them introduce themselves. This will help you get an overall sense of their mood and abilities from the start. It is also the ideal time to reinforce their names with their faces which comes in handy with the management of the class.

I like to have my students share their name and answer a question.

For example:

  • Sharing something that they are good at
  • What do you already know about yoga?
  • Share why yoga is good for you
  • Demonstrate any yoga poses that they already know
  • Ask a theme-related question (in relation to the yoga theme of class) such as “Which superhero would you be and why?”
A well thought out and organized kids yoga lesson plan will also create more lasting memories and help with explaining yoga to a child.

I also like to briefly go over my 3 No-Fail Rules at this time.  You only need these three rules to keep your class running seamlessly which is a big deal for the success and involvement of your classes. These 3 No-Fail Rules and many classroom teaching videos are all included in our online Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training course. Enroll now and work through at your own pace and time with our support throughout.

A well thought out and organized kids yoga lesson plan will also create more lasting memories and help with explaining yoga to a child.

Remember, you only get one chance to make that first impression. The Welcome does not need to be long, but it is the best opportunity to let kids know how excited you are that they are there and to introduce them to the theme and format for the class.

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The Ultimate Guide to Plan your Fall Kids Yoga Class

The Ultimate Guide to Plan your Fall Kids Yoga Class

Free Fall Kids Yoga Lesson Plan. Welcome Fall!

Fall is in the air! One of the things that I love about living in the Midwest is the change of seasons. I truly do appreciate the changing trees and landscape that each new season brings. As soon as you get tired of the heat, snow, or rain, then the season begins to magically transform into a new one.

I love incorporating the change of seasons with my kids yoga classes. Kids enjoy the seasonal themes with the poses, breathing exercises, and yoga games. By having a theme, it truly helps the children connect with and retain with what they are learning.

Get your free Kids Yoga Fall Fun Lesson Plan below. Learn many Fall themed yoga poses, play yoga games, practice mindfulness, complete group challenges and much more!

For this kids yoga lesson plan, I use the Kids Yoga Challenge Pose CardsThese pose cards provide a great visual for the yoga poses as well as the partner yoga poses.

Free Fall Kids Yoga Lesson Plan
Check out our Partner Bats


Have you ever seen such a lovely Fall leaf? (Partner Pose)


It is much more fun to try to balance with a pumpkin on your head!


Interested in more kids yoga lesson plans? Our bestselling Go Go Yoga for Kids resources includes hundreds of kids yoga lesson plans, games, poses, mindfulness exercises and much more. Click to learn more.

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5 Easy Ways to Add Yoga to Your Child’s Day

5 Easy Ways to Add Yoga to Your Child’s Day

In our super fast-paced world today, it is more important than ever to help our kids find ways to relax and stay physically active. Yoga will help with movement, mindfulness, and deep breathing and is an excellent way to find this balance. By adding a few moments of yoga into your kids’ daily routine can have many benefits, including flexibility, focus, and an overall sense ofwell-being. 

5 Easy Ways to Include Yoga in Your Child’s Day:

  • Morning Yoga Stretch: Start the day right with so simple stretches like Cat Post to Cow Pose or with Sun Salutations. Do this with your kids and encourage them to match their breath with their movements. This can help wake up their bodies, improve circulation, and set a calm and focused tone for the day ahead.

  • Take a Yoga Break: Just as adults benefit from taking breaks during the day, kids can also benefit from mini yoga sessions. Encourage your children to take short yoga breaks If feeling overwhelmed. Do a few quick and easy stretches or balance poses. Use the Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards to help make selecting different poses engaging and fun.

  • Go on a Yoga Adventure: Create an adventure story that incorporates various yoga poses. For example, if the story is about a journey through the jungle, each animal encountered could correspond to a different pose such as Tree Pose, Gorilla Pose and Cobra Pose. This not only keeps kids engaged but also helps them remember and enjoy the poses in a creative context.

  • Family Yoga Time: Try some partner poses from The Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards to help with teamwork and togetherness. This shared experience not only promotes physical well-being but also strengthens family bonds.

  • Bedtime Yoga: Yoga is a great relaxing and soothing activity before bedtime. Help your kids transition from the busyness of the day to a calm and relaxed state by guiding them through gentle stretches and calming breathing exercises. My favorite restorative yoga poses are Legs-Up-the-Wall and Reclining Butterfly Pose. This is a wonderful way to wind down and release any stress from the day.
Legs up the wall
Legs Up the Wall is a Favorite Restorative Yoga Pose

How to Help Kids Transition Back to School with Yoga

How to Help Kids Transition Back to School with Yoga

falling poseI just love the fresh start feeling of a new school year. As a teacher and a parent myself, I understand that we want our  children to be in a collaborative, creative, calm and supported classroom environment.

The good news is that by easily incorporating some breathing exercises, mindfulness practice, and simple stress-reducing happy poses, kids will become more focused and attentive and will develop greater empathy toward one another. Yoga may help create that classroom environment that we all want for children.

Yoga for kids is becoming more common in schools and a few moments each day can help kids achieve the benefits that yoga provides. Children need active brain breaks throughout the day to learn best.

Take Mini Yoga Breaks During the School Day

go go yoga for kids books

  • Practice breathing techniques to reduce stress and help focus before a test or activity that you know will require concentration and focus. Go Go Yoga for Kids: Yoga Games & Activities for Children and Go Go Yoga for Kids: Yoga Lessons for Children has hundreds of ideas on how to teach and use this.
  • Work with a partner or small group to practice partner poses and achieve a goal together You can find many partner ideas and illustrations here.
  • Introduce a new yoga pose each week. Make it fun! For example, pick a certain word such as your school’s name. When you say that word everyone will stop what they are doing and hold that pose. Find yoga poses and ideas here with The Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards
  • Count by fives and 10s while holding a balance pose.
  • Take a One Minute Vacation and allow students to shut their eyes, breathe, and visualize themselves in their favorite place.

kids yoga challenge pose cards

Want more ideas on how to use yoga at school day?  Yoga Lessons for Children includes games, ways to reduce stress, yoga poses, and great read-aloud books with complete lesson plans.

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