The Great Parent Slowdown: How to Be More Present from Yoga for Unity & Wellbeing

The Great Parent Slowdown: How to Be More Present from Yoga for Unity & Wellbeing

“How do you bring out the best from within you, to excel in this journey of parenthood? Are you plagued with questions like:- Am I a good parent? Why is it difficult to raise kids? Will my child turn out right? Learn how to be more present with this webinar!

This webinar also commemorates the United Nations Global Parents Day! Featuring Mary Wheatley and Sara Weis. Mary is a Conscious Parent Coach from Hawaii who is going to talk about the great parent slowdown during today’s pandemic times and she comes with her bag of tricks to help us all out in our individual personal journeys. Sara is a bestselling author and kids yoga instructor who is going to happily share with us a few dynamic yoga poses for us to connect with our kids.

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Celebrate Earth Day with These 5 Yoga Poses & Activities for Kids

Celebrate Earth Day with These 5 Yoga Poses & Activities for Kids

Our Earth is a beautiful place and should be recognized and celebrated, especially on April 22nd! What better way to do that then with some kids and yoga?! The following are simple Earth yoga poses that can be done at home, school, or a yoga class to help children take a few moments and appreciate our Mother Earth.

Breath: Begin by some simple breaths in your nose and out your mouth. Discuss taking in all of the good clean air that our Earth provides and exhaling all of the unclean and negativity.

Sun Salutations: Begin in Mountain pose with arms overhead and looking up between your hands.  Then dive into a forward fold. Do this several times and try to get longer and taller each time. Breathe in on the way up and exhale as you move into your forward fold.

All of these Earth Day Poses are found in our Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards.

  Kids Yoga App

kids yoga app

Tree Pose: Put a spin on this classic balance pose with arms extended overhead and try to close one or both eyes. Tree pose is also fun done as a group in a circle with hands on one another’s shoulders supporting one another. Raise your arms (branches) up as if lifting toward the sun.

Flower: Begin as a seed in child’s pose and slowly come into a kneeling pose as if you are an emerging flower. Extend your arms overhead as if they are petals waving in the breeze.

spring yoga pose

Bicycle: Be green and pretend to ride your bike to school or the park. Lie on your back and move your legs as if pedaling a bicycle.

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Raindrop Partner Pose: Each partner lays on their back with their heads touching. With their arms at their sides, they raise their feet above their heads to touch to make a giant raindrop.

partner yoga pose

Can you try Raindrop Partner Pose? Partner Yoga Poses are lots of fun!

Enjoy our Spring Live Family Fun Yoga Class

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Spring Yoga Games & Easter Egg Lesson Plan

Spring Yoga Games & Easter Egg Lesson Plan

Get out your plastic Easter eggs ready and celebrate Spring with this fun kids yoga lesson plan, games, and activities. Easter Egg Yoga is for kids of all ages this holiday. 

 What You Need:


On small pieces of paper write the following poses and put one in each egg. 

Robin: Airplane Pose

Duck: Duck Pose. Encourage the kids to flap, quack, and waddle around like a duck.

Sun: Mountain Pose with arms outstretched to the sun

Spring Hat: Down Dog

Spring Tree: Tree Pose

Rainbow: Bridge Pose

Spring Basket: Boat Pose

Flower: Lotus Pose. Make petals by having the children hold their arms above their heads.

Caterpillar: Locust Pose. Have the students raise and lower their heads as if eating leaves.

Butterfly: Butterfly Pose. Fly butterflies fast and then slow.

Bunny: Hero Pose. Have the children make bunny ears with their hands.

Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards

Kids love to try the partner poses that included in our Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards.These 40 Yoga Pose Card Visuals include starred level of difficulty (1-5 stars) and mantras for mindfulness.

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How to Play Yoga Pose Memory: Yoga Game for Kids

How to Play Yoga Pose Memory: Yoga Game for Kids

Stretch your body and your mind with Yoga Pose Memory! Help kids (and adults!) improve balance and flexibility while boosting matching and memory skills.

Learn and practice yoga poses as you search for matching yoga poses. Once a match is made, then the player must demonstrate that yoga pose. Once the cards have all been matched, the player with the most pairs performs all of the yoga poses in a sequence.

Learn and practice yoga poses with this fun and engaging Yoga Pose  Game!

Each Memory Game Set Includes:

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Ages 3-Adult

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