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Learn how to easily incorporate fun and beneficial yoga poses as well as mindfulness exercises for some family fun and together time! This free mini Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Masterclass will include the most beneficial yoga poses for these young growing bodies as well as fun yoga games to practice these poses.

You will also learn the top mindfulness exercises that can help calm children and set them up for success and a growth mindset. This mini master class is perfect for parents, educators and caregivers.

Discover in this Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Masterclass:

  • How adult yoga is different than kids yoga
  • What ages can children begin yoga
  • The benefits for children who practice yoga
  • How to easily & effectively teach yoga to children
  • Family fun yoga games that all ages will enjoy
  • How to easily help children relax and reduce anxiety in minutes
  • What teens & tweens really need with yoga & mindfulness exercises
  • How to easily implement mindfulness at home with your family in small moments
  • Ideas for fun yoga poses and breathing and calming exercises to begin doing right away.

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