Kids Yoga Lesson Planning 101

Hello and welcome to our FREE Kids Yoga Lesson Planning 101 Training! I am so excited to have you here. By the end of this lesson series, you will be able to plan your kids yoga classes efficiently, effortlessly while knowing everyone is having fun and learning!

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This FREE lesson series will feature videos, templates, lesson plans, and all of the resources that you need to be able to effectively plan your Kids Yoga Classes. Grab your FREE Kids Yoga Lesson Planning 101 Training Guide and get ready to begin! 

Get started here with Video 1: How to Plan Your Kids Yoga Class

My hope is that once you complete all 9 Parts of our Kids Yoga Lesson Planning 101 Training, you will feel like Courtney S. one of our recent graduates!

I just finished your Kids Yoga Lesson Planning 101 youtube videos! I enjoyed it very much! While I watched your videos I made my first lesson plan to use! I also completed not too long ago your online kids yoga teacher course also, so its game on! lol.
I personally enjoyed learning the different ways of active movement, and the idea of getting the kids hearts pumping right before actually getting into yoga poses, and savasana will ALWAYS be a favorite for me to learn, teach, and do also lol!  It is such a good way to soak up the benefits of the poses. I cant wait to connect with the kids in the way you say in your videos while performing and coming out of savasana, I obviously know what it feels like, and I’ve taught my own children, but to connect with kids that aren’t yours is truly magical and in this day and age, they need all the positive role models they can get. I’M SO EXCITED
! Thank you so much for the videos!” Courtney S. Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training Graduate