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How to Play Princess Tiptoe: Yoga Games Online

Welcome to Yoga Games for Kids!

Games are a great way to get kids moving, build strength, practice following directions, working together, and the opportunity to practice yoga poses in fun and engaging ways.

Welcome to our summer yoga games for kids series!  You are in the right place! Download your FREE Yoga Games Guide below and get ready for fun

Once you have your Kids Yoga Games Guide: Open Your Guide Up and find the Princess Tiptoe Game! You are ready to begin!

As we teach the game, record your notes, questions, and how you would use this game with kids.

Shhhhh…..don’t wake up the Princess in this new favorite game

Are you needing a game that young kids love to play AND it keeps them quiet?

Princess Tiptoe is a game that I regularly rotate in for my younger kids yoga classes (ages 3-6).

We play this game right before our Stillness and Savasana and it s the perfect game for winding down and bringing a calming sense and energy to the group.

Princess Tiptoe is found in our brand new book, Yoga Games & Activities for Children.

How to Play Princess Tiptoe

Number of Players: 6+

Materials: Magic Wand or something similar deemed magic

Recommended Ages: 3-6


  • Select one player as “Prince Tiptoe” (or Princess Tiptoe).
  • The other players spread over the room and go into Child’s Pose (see image below). If you are able, turn the lights turned low as tat creates a calming feeling.

I am excited to share with you one of my new favorite yoga games: How to Play Play Prince Tiptoe.This game is found in our Free Yoga Games Online Guide. The Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards include 40 Yoga Poses, Starred Difficulty Level, and corresponding Mantra

  • Princess Tiptoe begins by putting a finger to their lips and whispering: “shh! Here comes Prince Tiptoe” as they tiptoe around the room.
  • When the players are tapped by Prince Tiptoe they join in a line behind the Prince, tiptoeing at the same speed.
  • When all of the players are in line, Prince Tiptoe slows the movement and turns to the player directly behind them and says, “shh.”
  • The Player behind should quickly tiptoe back to their original spot and go back into Child’s Pose.
  • This continues until all of the players have returned to their spots.

This is great for transitioning from a noisy, loud active group game to a quieter time for younger children. I love to use this game as a simple and effective transition into Stillness and Savasana at the end of our yoga class.

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