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There are many important components to a successful and memorable kids yoga class, but can you guess what the most important part is? This only takes a couple of minutes and is found right at the beginning of your kids yoga class. It is The Welcome! While all parts are important in their own way, The Welcome is the very first part of your class and is the first real class interaction you will have together. The Welcome helps set the tone for how kids yoga classyour class will go and helps explain to your students what they will be doing and learning as well as what you expect of them.

When you establish and make a connection with your students right from the start, it makes such a difference throughout your class as you introduce and teach breathing exercises, yoga poses, games, challenges, relaxation, and more.

I think about this in my school classroom as well. Children need to know that they are safe and cared for. When you have a connection and a trust established, then you can truly teach the content.

In the beginning of my kids yoga class, I like to gather the students in a circle and welcome them warmly while having them introduce themselves. This will help you get an overall sense of their mood and abilities from the start. It is also the ideal time to reinforce their names with their faces which comes in handy with the management of the class.

I like to have my students share their name and answer a question.

For example:

  • Sharing something that they are good at
  • What do you already know about yoga?
  • Share why yoga is good for you
  • Demonstrate any yoga poses that they already know
  • Ask a theme related question such as “Which superhero would you be and why?”

I also like to briefly go over my 3 No-Fail Rules at this time.  You only need these three rules to keep your class running seamlessly which is a big deal for the success and involvement of your classes.

If you are ready to dive in deeper with this, I cover the 3 No-Fail Rules and other important class management strategies in our online Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training as well as our Teacher Training Workshops that are included with this master course. Ths master course guarantees to give you the confidence and resources to truly make a difference with the children that you love and care about.

Remember, you only get one chance to make that first impression. The Welcome does not need to be long, but it is the best opportunity to let kids know how excited you are that they are there and to introduce them to the theme and format for the class.

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