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If you want to fully engage children in the overall practice of yoga, Go Go Yoga for Kids: Yoga Games & Activities will help you successfully merge the life lessons that can be learned from play with the lifelong benefits of yoga. 

By using the games, activities, and suggestions included in this book, you will find that incorporating breath work, yoga pose review, and mindfulness in these fun and active ways will help children learn while they play. This winning combination is perfect for kids yoga classes, schools, camps, and more.   

Yoga Games & Activities for Children

Go Go Yoga for Kids: Yoga Games & Activities Includes:

Over 150 yoga games, activities, poses, and challenges broken into categories and easily modified

*  Detailed descriptions for all activities including suggested age groups, needed props, ideal group size, and leader notes

*  Suggestions for organizing engaging kids yoga classes and incorporating games

*  Benefits children can receive from yoga, games, teamwork, and mindfulness

*  Characteristics of age groups and the types of games that best fit each level of maturity

*  Ways to incorporate challenges for older kids

*  Teaching tips for tweens and teens

*  Breathing exercises for relaxation, mindfulness, and stress reduction

*  Secrets to successfully teach yoga to children

*  Ideas for yoga-inspired crafts that can be used both inside and outside of class

*  Ways to incorporate yoga into family time

*  Game and yoga pose illustrations

*  Downloadable yoga pose memory game

In an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format, Go Go Yoga for Kids: Yoga Games & Activities is a complete resource that details everything you will need to help you successfully teach yoga to kids of all ages and to inspire them in life-long healthy ways.  

Go Go Yoga for Kids: Yoga Games & Activities for Children

Recent Reviews for Go Go Yoga for Kids Yoga Games & Activities for Children:

The key to instilling a desire in our youth to take up yoga lies in making it fun for them, and Sara J. Weis’s Go Go Yoga for Kids: Yoga Games and Activities does just that! With over 150 yoga games, activities, and poses to choose from, this book is a must-have resource for parents and teachers who wish to introduce children to the mind-body health benefits of yoga.  Included in the book are teaching tips for tweens and teens, a section on family yoga and games, as well as yoga crafts. Adapting yoga poses with play offers children an opportunity to experience balance in our constantly changing world, and GoGo Yoga for Kids: Yoga Games and Activities offers a user-friendly approach to create engaging yoga activities for kids of all ages.  I highly recommend this book to school teachers, yoga instructors, educators, and parents.
  —Teresa Anne Power, award-winning author of The ABCs of Yoga for Kids and LittleMouse Adventures, kids’ yoga expert, speaker, and Kids’ Yoga Day founder.

Sara Weis is the most creative yoga teacher I know. In Go Go Yoga for Kids: Yoga Games & Activities for Children, she’s yet again come up with dozens of fun ways to engage kids with yoga. Sara also draws on her many years of experience as a teacher to clearly explain each type of activity, as well as how the games should fit into an overall lesson plan. This is the perfect book for anyone who wants to help kids have fun while building their physical and social-emotional skills.  
Catharine Hannay, founder of MindfulTeachers.org and author of Being You: A Girl’s Guide to Mindfulness

Take the guesswork out of creating captivating children’s yoga sessions – and have fun in the process- with Go Go Yoga for Kids: Games & Activities. Teacher Sara J.Weis has done it again with this guidebook brimming with activities, poses and games and the reasoning why everything enhances an immersive and interactive yoga experience. Consult the Leader Notes to customize the activities for different ages or put a fresh spin on things after heeding all of the wisdom inside! Either way, this latest installment in the Go Go Yoga series is a win-win for everyone involved.
–Jenna Hammond, authorof Downward Mule