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yoga for kids videoWe sense it as we step outdoors. Animals and plants all around us are beginning to transform and change. Celebrate with kids this wonderful season of spring with  some transformation yoga!

Caterpillar to Butterfly

    1. Begin in cobra yoga pose. Pretend to be a hungry caterpillar, lifting your head to munch on a leaf as you raise in cobra yoga pose.
    2. Move into plank pose. This is the caterpillar on a branch, getting ready to form a cocoon.
    3. Lower into child’s pose and become a safe little cocoon. Be still. Breathe deeply and get ready for an exciting change  to happen!
    4. Finally become butterflies! Practice butterfly pose and flutter your wings. Talk with the children about what color of wings their butterflies have and where they would fly to. How fast or slow can they flap their wings?

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Egg to Tadpole to Frog

  1. Begin in child’s pose as that represents the tiny egg.
  2. Slowly inch onto your stomach and “swim” while moving your arms and leg up and down to be the tadpole.
  3. Then take frog pose (malasana), with your feet on the floor  and your legs in a deep squat. See if you can try out your new frog legs with frog hops on your mat.

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Seed to Flower

  1. Begin in child’s pose and pretend to be a tiny seed in the ground.
  2. Lift one arm as you imagine a tiny stem beginning to poke through the Earth.
  3. Sit up straight and tall in lotus (flower) pose with your legs crossed. Raise your arms up into a flower shape toward the sun. Can you sway in the breeze?

Have fun with these spring yoga kid ideas. See if your children can come up with any other changes that happen in the spring such as weather, animals or plants. The possibilities are endless and putting these springtime changes into yoga postures makes them all the more memorable.

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