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The Top 3 Breathing Exercises for Anxious Kids

A new school year is right around the corner and that brings on a lot of anxiety for kids. As parents and teachers we need to recognize that kids get nervous too…and

not only just for school. Any type of new situation can bring on unease for children. Help children manage their anxiety with breathing exercises.

Hop over to Mindful Teachers to read our guest post on the Top 3 Breathing Exercises for Kids. These can be done anywhere and are great for kids.

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Yoga and Art Therapy in the School

What a blessing it has been to lead kids yoga classes this summer with the Children and Family Urban Movement.  CFUM’s mission is to create a community that supports the potential of children, youth and families through educational success, healthy living, and community engagement.

Introducing the kids to yoga and mindfulness has filled my heart. They had so much joy in trying new things.

As a special treat, each child was able to personalize their very own donated yoga mat.

Teach Yoga to Kids Online Training

Below is a portion of the transcript of the

How to Teach Yoga to Kids Online Training 

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Section 1 – What You Will Be Taught in this Course and How it Will Be Taught

What You Will Learn
Hello and welcome to How to Teach Yoga to Kids. My name is Sara Weis and I am glad you are here. I am a certified kid and adult yoga teacher and the bestselling author of Go Go Yoga For Kids, a complete guide to using yoga with kids. I hold a Masters Degree in education and have been teaching and leading children for over 18 years.

I know exactly what works with children and just as importantly what doesn’t work and I am anxious to show you what that is.

Yoga with kids doesn’t have to be complicated and time consuming. You only need minutes to gain skills and lifelong benefits that yoga provides. With our How to Teach Yoga to Kids online course you will become confident with using yoga with kids. This course is for parents, teachers, counselors, and students, and anyone who enjoys yoga and wants to make a difference in kids lives. You’ll be able to use your knowledge in the home, at school, yoga studios, camps, and clubs.

This course is divided into three parts. At the end of this course you’ll be qualified and confident to teach yoga to kids in any setting. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Here’s what you’ll learn in part one. You’ll learn what is kids yoga and how does it differ from adult yoga? Why do kids need yoga? And what are the benefits of yoga for kids? As well as the benefits for you as the adult?

In part two we’re going to get started with kids yoga. We’ll learn some breath work techniques that really work to help calm and center kids. We’ll learn a lot of child friendly yoga poses that can be done anywhere. I’ll give you the top ten yoga games and activities that I have used with kids and numerous times that they have fun with while learning the yoga poses. You’re also going to leave this course with mindfulness tips and relaxation techniques that help your kids settle down.

Part three will be all of our valuable resources. You’re going to have lesson plans and templates for writing your own lessons. You’ll have cheat sheets on putting together kids yoga classes. I’m going to give you lots of recommended book resources, props, and materials. Let’s get going.

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Mindful Teachers Recommend Go Go Yoga for Kids

Go Go Yoga for Kids

Recommended Book for Mindful Teachers

by Catharine Hannay

If you’re interested in yoga and mindful movement for children and teens, check out Go Go Yoga For Kids by Sara J. Weis.

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Kid Approved Random Acts of Kindness Game

We tell kids all the time to share, play nicely and be kind to others. It is one thing to say, but we all know how actions mean more than words. Sometimes a simple act of kindness can go a long way to brighten our day more than we would ever imagine.

Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week with your kids with the Go Go Yoga for Kids Kindness Bingo Game.

Try to complete all 12 Kindness Challenges before the week is over to brighten schools, families and yourself. Get your Go Go Yoga Kids Kindness Bingo Game.

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Get Ready for the Kids Yoga Challenge!

Yoga is fun! Get kids fit, flexible and focused

with the Kids Yoga Challenge

by Go Go Yoga for Kids

For 30 days, The Kids Yoga Challenge by Go Go Yoga Kids will improve your kids’ balance, flexibility mindfulness and more. This challenge is adult friendly as well so please join in!

Each challenge day will showcase a You Tube video including:

  • an introduction of the yoga pose
  • how to do each pose correctly
  • health benefits associated with this pose
  • a mantra to recite to help create mindfulness and meditation

Please subscribe to the Go Go Yoga for Kids You Tube Channel for updates.

We will also be using the Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards to help in this challenge. This Kids Yoga Challenge Card Deck includes 30 poses with partner poses, confidence building mantras and more fun games to play together using the Kids Yoga Pose Cards.

The Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards include:

  • 30 progressive yoga poses
  • Empowering pose mantras for beginners and meditation
  • Poses rated from 1-5 stars based on difficulty
  • Easy to flow poses for your own yoga routine or flow
  • Tested and proven yoga poses to bring most mental and physical benefit
  • Use of only minutes each day to gain lifelong skills and health benefits

These Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards will soon be available for purchase.

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How to Calm Little Minds: Yoga For Kids

Adults aren’t the only ones who are stressed. Yoga can also be used to help anxious kids and achieve many healthy benefits in the process . Learn simple poses and ideas to introduce and practice yoga at home with your kids.

Yoga for kids is becoming increasingly popular. It is showing up in school classrooms, daycares, sports, in addition to yoga studios and other health clubs. The physical benefits of yoga are lifelong and include flexibility, strength, and coordination. Yoga is also recognized as a relaxation technique and used to help combat anxiety in kids as well as adults.

Here is what Today’s Parent had to say on helping to calm little minds while practicing yoga.


Sneaky (Subtle) Ways to Settle Kids Down

savasanaMaybe the word “sneaky” sounds too conniving and calculated, but after an energetic and fun-filled kids yoga class or a busy day out and about, there is nothing better than settling children into a state of relaxation or savasana. Anyone who has ever worked with or  been around kids for approximately 30 seconds, knows that quieting kids is not always an easy task to do. These tips work great with kids at home or in a kids yoga class!

Read on for some simple tips that can make that important last bit of a kids yoga class all the more refreshing and relaxing. This is the perfect time that children can reap the benefits of their yoga class after working and moving their bodies in such a good and healthy way.

  1. Turn the lights down low if possible.
  2. Play slow and  calming music.
  3. Have children begin to lie on their backs as slowly as possible while counting down from 10.
  4. Have them bring their knees to their chest give themselves a big hug. They love this!
  5. Allow the kids to lay however they feel most comfortable; on their back, stomach or curled into a ball.
  6. Use phrases like, “be as still as a statue, ” or “quiet as a mouse” to help give kids a mental picture of how to pose and act.
  7. Depending on the situation, lightly rub the children’s’ backs. It is amazing the calm it brings and how much they respond to this little touch.

Call it a success, if you get stillness for even 10 seconds from your class or child at first! Savasana is something to build on with kids. Over time the duration will lenghten. It really does become a favorite part of class or nightly routine at home as they get to lie there and “do nothing.” The act of being totally present brings about so many benefits for kids.

Fab Four Benefits of Yoga for Kids: Don’t Miss it!

1.     Increases Flexibility and StrengthImani Down Dog good

Picture a toddler and all of the flexibility they have to bend, squat, and move in all sorts of positions that adults suddenly sometimes find themselves unable to do. Children are naturally flexible, but somewhere around ages of 6 or 7 their flexibility begins to diminish. The good news is that by practicing yoga it will help you maintain flexibility. Yoga also builds strength as muscles are worked in new ways. Whether a pose is done standing, sitting, or lying down each pose has its own benefits and can challenge various muscle groups. Being flexible also allows fewer and less severe injuries. That is good news for kids involved in many activities outside of school.

2.     Improves BalanceBeanbags on head group

Similar to flexibility, balance is another skill that decreases as we age. Everything from navigating icy sidewalks in winter to holding a tree pose works to improve your balance skills. Balance can be improved with practice and many yoga poses and postures incorporate different elements of balance. Your body’s balance naturally improves while practicing yoga without realizing it.  As children work to improve their balance in poses, they are filled with self-confidence and can almost feel their bodies getting stronger as they hold these poses.

3.     Enhances Concentration and Focus

Flower KateKids are part of a rapidly changing world with young minds easily over stimulated with technology and electronics.  They are used to getting immediate feedback with their video games, tablets, and phones.  This can make it very difficult for children to actually sit, focus, and complete a task in school. Yoga helps children to practice concentration and self-control which then enhances their focus and awareness.

4.     Practice Being Present and Mindful

As parents and kids rush from activity to activity, it is difficult to be still and appreciate the moment that we are in. It doesn’t start like this for kids —  think of a preschooler noticing the shape of a leaf or color of the sky as they dawdle home from the park.

Sadly many kids become accustomed to a faster pace lifestyle until they suddenly do not know any different way. There is much benefit to slowing down, unplugging, and being away from it all for a bit. A good kids yoga classes can provide that. They begin with a settling into the moment and focusing on their breath and body. Kids can practice engaging poses with games and end with a savasana or quiet time. The end of class usually becomes the students’ favorite part while they lie still and “do nothing”. They know they worked their body hard and this is a time to give back, be still, and reap the benefits of strengthening their body. Being involved in a yoga class keeps the kids present, aware, and in the moment — a valuable skill to practice throughout life.


Just Breathe! How to Calm Yourself in 30 Seconds

mothers day yogaThere are several ways to practice breath and being mindful with your kids, but the main goal is to make children aware of how they are feeling while slowing down their bodies and noticing their breath. Does their breath become short, shallow and fast when they are getting worked up or nervous about something?

The following is a simple sequence that allows children to practice becoming aware of their breath and it helps them focus and calm their nerves before a test, presentation, game, recital or anything that they are feeling anxiety or stress over.

  1. Find a seated position comfortably with your hands resting open on your lap.
  2. Sit up tall, close your eyes.
  3. Breathe in for a count of five and out for a count of three through your nose.
  4. Repeat for five to seven rounds.
  5. Open your eyes and see how you feel. More peaceful and ready to take on the world?!

Help your kids practice this simple technique and it will become a tool that they will always have with them to use and find success with.

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