5 Easy Ways to Add Yoga to Your Child’s Day

5 Easy Ways to Add Yoga to Your Child’s Day

In our super fast-paced world today, it is more important than ever to help our kids find ways to relax and stay physically active. Yoga will help with movement, mindfulness, and deep breathing and is an excellent way to find this balance. By adding a few moments of yoga into your kids’ daily routine can have many benefits, including flexibility, focus, and an overall sense ofwell-being. 

5 Easy Ways to Include Yoga in Your Child’s Day:

  • Morning Yoga Stretch: Start the day right with so simple stretches like Cat Post to Cow Pose or with Sun Salutations. Do this with your kids and encourage them to match their breath with their movements. This can help wake up their bodies, improve circulation, and set a calm and focused tone for the day ahead.

  • Take a Yoga Break: Just as adults benefit from taking breaks during the day, kids can also benefit from mini yoga sessions. Encourage your children to take short yoga breaks If feeling overwhelmed. Do a few quick and easy stretches or balance poses. Use the Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards to help make selecting different poses engaging and fun.

  • Go on a Yoga Adventure: Create an adventure story that incorporates various yoga poses. For example, if the story is about a journey through the jungle, each animal encountered could correspond to a different pose such as Tree Pose, Gorilla Pose and Cobra Pose. This not only keeps kids engaged but also helps them remember and enjoy the poses in a creative context.

  • Family Yoga Time: Try some partner poses from The Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards to help with teamwork and togetherness. This shared experience not only promotes physical well-being but also strengthens family bonds.

  • Bedtime Yoga: Yoga is a great relaxing and soothing activity before bedtime. Help your kids transition from the busyness of the day to a calm and relaxed state by guiding them through gentle stretches and calming breathing exercises. My favorite restorative yoga poses are Legs-Up-the-Wall and Reclining Butterfly Pose. This is a wonderful way to wind down and release any stress from the day.
Legs up the wall
Legs Up the Wall is a Favorite Restorative Yoga Pose

Power Partner Poses in Yoga to Practice with Kids

Power Partner Poses in Yoga to Practice with Kids

Kids love partner yoga poses! Partner yoga poses help teach children the importance of teamwork and working together plus they are fun to do. They build trust and community with one another within the group. These partner poses can be done at home, school, camp, yoga class or anywhere you have kids ready to try something new and have fun.

I incorporate partner or group poses in every kids yoga class. It is a great team-building activity and gives everyone a common goal to work toward. I love the confidence built when mastered.

I kept this in mind when I created the Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards, I purposely incorporated partner poses for some of the yoga challenge poses. The partner poses are built on progression and gives the children a goal to work toward.

Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards
Kids love to try the partner poses included in our Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards

How to Teach Partner Yoga Poses to Kids

  • Have kids partner up with those of similar size.  All partner poses can be modified, but it is a good idea to start this way.
  • Have the partners get to know one another before practicing the poses. Take a moment for them to introduce themselves to one another and pose a few questions that they need to answer as something they are good at or a favorite game to play. I sometimes have the pair come up with a team name together. That builds community and teamwork for sure!
  • Have one pair of partners demonstrate the Partner Pose before everyone tries it. As the partner pair is demonstrating, this is a good time to talk about proper form and any safety concerns. Although yoga partner poses are safe and fun, it is still a good idea to remind kids to take it slow. They will naturally be excited to get right into the pose so this will help them remember.
  • After the partners have practiced the featured yoga pose for 1-2 minutes, have each group demonstrate their pose. Kids love to show off the poses with their partners.

see saw pose
See Saw Partner Pose

Kids Yoga Partner Class Lesson Plan

  1. First, have the students get into pairs. It is helpful to have a partner of similar size, but not necessary. Modifications can be made for any of the partner poses.
  2. Have the partner pair get to know one another (if they don’t already) and think up a Team Name. They love doing this. Refer to their team name throughout class. They LOVE this and it will absolutely motivate them.
  3. Explain to the students that they will be working through a series of partner poses. Talk about how being safe is the number one priority and how they need to look out for their teammate.
  4. l used the Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards for this kids yoga class because these yoga cards include leveled partner poses. It is important to begin with the easier “one-starred” levels and work your way up to level 5. 5.
The Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards

5. I began with See Saw Partner Pose and showed the students an example pose card. This Partner Pose is perfect to begin with because it warms up your legs and allows the children to work together. I invited a pair to come and demonstrate it to the group. I had them model how you begin slowly in a see-saw fashion. Legs can be made into a diamond shape or bent if you have some children that are taller or different heights.

6. I allowed a few moments for the children to practice this first partner pose before moving on to the next pose with the Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards. Each time, have a pair model the partner pose as you explain to the students about how to safely get in and out of it. You could also use the Kids Yoga Challenge App for pose visuals, but keep in mind that the poses are randomized for fun with the app.

kids yoga app
The Kids Yoga Challenge App

7. Toward the end of class, I had a few Group Yoga Poses so that the whole class could have the opportunity to work together. This can be done by playing Yoga ShapesWind in the Trees Yoga GameGroup Trees, or Yoga Knot.

kid friendly partner yoga poses
Kid Friendly Partner Yoga Poses
teach yoga to kids books
Kids Yoga Lesson Plan Books

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