Jodi B.

School physical education teacher, Kids Yoga Instructor

As a children’s yoga bestselling author, teacher, and speaker, I am always looking for new creative ideas regarding yoga for kids. I found this is the Go Go Yoga for Kids book and resources. These books are chock-full of great information to help yoga teachers, classroom teachers, youth leaders, counselors, parents, and any others learn how to implement yoga into the lives of children. Very creative and fun! I highly recommend these book to those wishing to learn how to make yoga fun for kids, and how to empower them to be active as well as mindful and meditative at the same time!
Teresa Power

Founder of International Kids Yoga Day

As an author and kid’s yoga and mindfulness teacher the Go Go Yoga for Kids books are invaluable guides! Totally accessible and filled with useful information, games, and activities! I love using these books with my students. Brings out the joy of yoga!
Susan Verde

Author of I am Yoga; I am Peace; I am Human

One of the best resources that I know of in teaching yoga to children is the Go Go Yoga for Kids books and resources.

These are some of my favorite books! There are so many activities here for kids yoga. There are lesson plans, yoga games, mindfulness exercises. Sara includes things that kids are interested in such as superheroes,  going to Hawaii, exploring the jungle.

There are many things to do with these lesson plans and so many activities for kids. I have to say between Sara’s yoga for kids book and ideas and my music you will be teaching kids yoga forever!

Bari Koral: Kids Yoga Songwriter and Musician