Author Interview and Go Go Yoga for Kids Book Giveaway

Author Interview and Go Go Yoga for Kids Book Giveaway

I was honored to be interviewed by Backyard Yoga on the inspiration behind Go Go Yoga Kids and why kids need yoga! Read on and enter to win your book giveaway of Go Go Yoga for Kids.

Meet Sara Weis, Author Of Go Go Yoga For Kids

by Erica Golub of Backyard Yoga

“I am excited to share all of the benefits and fun you can have with yoga and kids!”              

-Sara Weis

I had the pleasure of meeting Sara last year at the National Kids’ Yoga Conference in Washington, DC.  She had recently self-published Go Go Yoga for Kids, and her energy and spirit definitely impressed me.  We have a shared passion for creating tools to help teachers, studios, and parents introduce yoga through play-filled movement, meditation, and mindfulness.  Follow along as Backyard Yoga takes the time to get to know a little more about Sara and her book:

Read the full interview below:

BYY:  Hi, Sara. Please tell the BYY community a little bit about yourself.

Sara:  Kids, teaching, and yoga are definitely my passions.  I am currently in my 17th year of being an elementary school teacher, as well as a kids’ yoga instructor and a busy mom of three.

I was able to put all of that into place with my recently-released book, Go Go Yoga for Kids.  It is a complete and creative guide to using yoga with kids.  This book was designed for parents, teachers, yoga instructors, counselors, and anyone who wants to introduce yoga through movement, mindfulness, and fun.  It includes yoga games, pose illustrations, lesson plans, and many resources.

I have worked with kids the majority of my life, and I get a lot of my inspiration from my classroom students, my kids’ yoga students, and my own children.

BYY:  When did yoga enter into your life?

Sara:  I fell in love with yoga several years ago as a way to supplement my workout routine.  At the time, I was training quite a bit for triathlons and half marathons.  The hard training definitely took a toll on my body, and my weekly yoga class soon turned into my favorite workout of the week and the one I looked forward to most of all.

BYY:  How did your focus on kids’ yoga evolve?

Sara:  I became certified in teaching kids’ yoga because I wanted to have the knowledge for my school classroom, as recess and PE times were being reduced.  I also loved all of the benefits that yoga brought on mentally and physically.

I loved my kids’ yoga training classes and knew at that moment that this was exactly what I was supposed to do.  The one thing I found lacking from my training were the resources to make yoga really fun and engaging for kids, as well as lesson plans for those that wanted to use yoga with kids.  At the time there was not much for kids’ yoga on the market for exactly what I wanted kids to experience and gain.

Kids are busy.  They need to be moving.  I wanted kids to have the benefit of the yoga poses, but also be actively engaged, getting their hearts pumping and having fun.  I began to create kid-friendly lesson plans and themes to use with my students, such as Superhero Yoga, Lego Yoga, and trips to the ocean and jungle.  They loved it and I was inspired to continue creating more and more fun yoga themes and challenges for kids.

BYY:  I’m guessing this was the catalyst behind Go Go Yoga for Kids?

Sara:  Yes, Go Go Yoga for Kids was developed as a way to share these lesson plans and resources so others could benefit.  It didn’t happen overnight; it was months and months of planning, writing, and culminating all of my resources into an easy-to-follow guide.

BYY:  What was your biggest hurdle in making this happen?

Sara:  I definitely had “Mom guilt” with my own kids, as I felt like this was taking a lot of my limited extra time and energy.  I don’t think my kids saw it that way, though.  They are so proud of me for taking something from scratch and developing my passion.  My entire family has supported me throughout this entire process.

BYY:  As an entrepreneur myself, I also feel the “Mom guilt”.  I find getting them involved helps.  Did you find this?

Sara:  Definitely.  Each of my three kids has helped with Go Go Yoga for Kids.  Either through being a guinea pig for my ideas, modeling poses, and even having my older daughters help with design and marketing.  I know they have learned a lot along the way, and I have even seen them begin to develop their own ideas and products.

BYY:  What is your vision for Go Go Yoga for Kids moving forward in 2017?

Sara:  I am excited for 2017 and am in the final stages of developing my new Kids’ Yoga Challenge Pose Cards.  They will be a great companion to the Go Go Yoga for Kids book.  I will also continue to build partnerships with like-minded others such as Backyard Yoga.  I am excited about the things that they have coming up as well.  We are all better together and it is so much more fun!

BYY:  How do you find time to play?

Sara:  I love Backyard Yoga’s belief that you should make time to play every day, and I definitely practice that in my day-to-day life.  It comes naturally from working with younger kids.  My own family loves to be active and we often take our “play” outside with anything from hiking, a game of touch football, or jumping on our trampoline.  Kids love it when adults get right in there with them.

BYY:  Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Sara.  Now for the final question: If you could only teach your children 3 lessons, what would they be?

Sara:  Compassion, mindfulness, and entrepreneurship.  This pretty much sums up what I try to teach my kids in all that I do.

BYY:  Thank you, Sara, for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us here at our Backyard Yoga community.  Wishing you the best in your business endeavors, your family ventures, and your personal undertakings.  Namaste.

Five Ways to Cure Kids’ Cabin Fever with Yoga

Five Ways to Cure Kids’ Cabin Fever with Yoga

Does the Winter gray weather got you and your kids feeling cooped up?  In just 5 minutes, I promise you will be feeling more fit, flexible and focused while having fun with your kids.

Five Ways to Cure Kids’ Cabin Fever with Yoga

Cold weather during the winter months can keep kids cooped up inside. It is important for kids to move and be active during these winter months. Physical activity helps stimulate those happy endorphins and keeps your body healthy and strong. So next time your kids have been cooped up and need to burn off some energy, turn on some music, and try these fun kid-friendly yoga poses to get fit, focused, and flexible together. No props or materials needed!

Tree Posetree pose

This pose is a favorite of kids and parents! Tree Pose in yoga also has many benefits. It is a perfect way to practice balance and focus! Bring your foot to your calf and place your hands at heart center. As you become more steady, bring your foot to your thigh and move your hands overhead for tree branches. A tip for holding tree pose in yoga is to focus on a spot on the ground that is not moving.warrior 2

Warrior 2 Jumps

Kids love this pose.  It is a great way to get the heart pumping and keep it healthy. Stand strong in Warrior 2 with arms outstretched and your front leg bent. Try jumping and switching directions while landing in Warrior 2. Try to get a little hang time in your 180-degree jumps.  It is almost like snowboarding but much warmer!

Plank Pose

This pose will work every muscle in your body. Hold a plank pose with your body forming a straight line from head to feet. Try to hold this pose for 15 seconds. Squeeze your stomach and legs together and it will make you feel lighter. Can you hold this pose for 30 seconds? Try to work up to one minute for an extra challenge!

Down Dog Push Ups

We have all done push-ups and feel the effects in our arms. Down Dog push-ups work not only your arms but down dogalso increase the length of your hamstring muscles. Move your arms to a push-up form while in the Down Dog pose. Kids probably won’t be able to get as close to the floor, but they will work their arms and legs in a whole new way!

Row Your Boat

Balance on your bottom and bring your legs up to make a “V” shape. Try to move your arms from side to side as if you are rowing a boat. This is fun for kids and wonderful for building good core strength.

Keep practicing these yoga poses and notice how your body changes. With these simple exercises, kids are working together on balance, flexibility,  focus, and core strength while making their hearts and minds healthy and happy!

***this post originally appeared as a guest post at Des Moines Parent.


yoga pose appWant more kids yoga poses? Check out our popular Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards available on Amazon or in our store.

40 progressive yoga poses for kids and adults to practice and master. Each pose card includes a mantra to incorporate mindfulness and meditation. Each card deck comairplane yoga posees in a sturdy burlap drawstring bag and is 4×6 inches big.

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Join Go Go Yoga for Kids at Barnes and Noble’s Disney Reads Day

Come join Go Go Yoga for Kids at Barnes and Noble’s Disney Days on February 4th at 11:00 AM.

Be a princess, villain or a hero with our fun themed Yoga for Kids class. Join us for stories, yoga games, poses and more!

Giveaways include stickers, bookmarks and mini posters (while supplies last). Sara will also be signing copies of her book, Go Go Yoga for Kids: A Complete Guide to Using Yoga with Kids

Find more information on this fun event here.

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Winter Yoga Class With Kids

Winter Yoga Class With Kids

Here is a peek at our fun kids winter yoga sequence at Athleta over winter break.

What fun we had making Snowflake Salutations, sledding with our yoga mats and making Gingerbread men.  That was just the beginning! There were so many plush snowballs to select from which featured a different winter yoga poses to learn and practice. We became snowball buckets, snowballs, ornaments and holiday trees.

It is great to work together to accomplish a goal and we did that with our partner poses of Icicle and Snow Castle. We also loved the game Blizzard in the Forest which is perfect in our winter yoga sequence for working on balance and concentration

Find out how to play this yoga game and much more in our bestselling Go Go Yoga for Kids books.Here is a peek at our fun kids winter yoga sequence at Athleta over winter break. Sun salutations and partner poses in this classHere is a peek at our fun kids winter yoga sequence at Athleta over winter break. Sun salutations and partner poses in this class

Here is a peek at our fun kids winter yoga sequence at Athleta over winter break. Sun salutations and partner poses in this classHere is a peek at our fun kids winter yoga sequence at Athleta over winter break. Sun salutations and partner poses in this class

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