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Does the Winter gray weather got you and your kids feeling cooped up?  In just 5 minutes, I promise you will be feeling more fit, flexible and focused while having fun with your kids.

Five Ways to Cure Kids’ Cabin Fever with Yoga

Cold weather during the winter months can keep kids cooped up inside. It is important for kids to move and be active during these winter months. Physical activity helps stimulate those happy endorphins and keeps your body healthy and strong. So next time your kids have been cooped up and need to burn off some energy, turn on some music, and try these fun kid-friendly yoga poses to get fit, focused, and flexible together. No props or materials needed!

Tree Posetree pose

This pose is a favorite of kids and parents! Tree Pose in yoga also has many benefits. It is a perfect way to practice balance and focus! Bring your foot to your calf and place your hands at heart center. As you become more steady, bring your foot to your thigh and move your hands overhead for tree branches. A tip for holding tree pose in yoga is to focus on a spot on the ground that is not moving.warrior 2

Warrior 2 Jumps

Kids love this pose.  It is a great way to get the heart pumping and keep it healthy. Stand strong in Warrior 2 with arms outstretched and your front leg bent. Try jumping and switching directions while landing in Warrior 2. Try to get a little hang time in your 180-degree jumps.  It is almost like snowboarding but much warmer!

Plank Pose

This pose will work every muscle in your body. Hold a plank pose with your body forming a straight line from head to feet. Try to hold this pose for 15 seconds. Squeeze your stomach and legs together and it will make you feel lighter. Can you hold this pose for 30 seconds? Try to work up to one minute for an extra challenge!

Down Dog Push Ups

We have all done push-ups and feel the effects in our arms. Down Dog push-ups work not only your arms but down dogalso increase the length of your hamstring muscles. Move your arms to a push-up form while in the Down Dog pose. Kids probably won’t be able to get as close to the floor, but they will work their arms and legs in a whole new way!

Row Your Boat

Balance on your bottom and bring your legs up to make a “V” shape. Try to move your arms from side to side as if you are rowing a boat. This is fun for kids and wonderful for building good core strength.

Keep practicing these yoga poses and notice how your body changes. With these simple exercises, kids are working together on balance, flexibility,  focus, and core strength while making their hearts and minds healthy and happy!

***this post originally appeared as a guest post at Des Moines Parent.


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