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Hi I am Sara, and welcome to Go Go Yoga for Kids; the place to get kids fit, flexible and focused while having fun with yoga.

Kids, yoga, and teaching are my passions and I have inspired thousands of children for over 18 years as an elementary teacher and kids yoga instructor. I have the exact kid tested and approved yoga resources and lesson plans for you to introduce kids to yoga through movement, mindfulness, fun, and


Go Go Yoga for Kids is perfect for parents, teachers, and anyone who enjoys yoga and kids. I am glad you are here, now let’s get started!


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How to Play Summer Beach Ball Yoga

Get ready for yoga beach ball! This yoga game can be played with any size group of any ages. Family friendly and fun! All you need is a beach ball to get started!

First: Blow up an inexpensive beach ball.

Then: With a permanent marker write down summer yoga poses such as shark, boat, mermaid, sunflower, starfish etc. Get your list of “beach themed” yoga poses below.

Next: Assemble all willing and excited participants in a seated circle. I like to start out seated because it gives an opportunity to time how fast we can pass the beach ball in a circle. This also eliminates frustration from the child that is having a hard time focusing on the game because they “have not gotten to touch the beach ball yet.”

Finally: Stand up and toss the beach ball across the circle. The person catches it and looks to see what pose their right thumb is near. Everyone practices the summer yoga poses. Play continues until every pose has been introduced and practiced.

preschool yoga

Beach Ball Yoga with a twist in Boat Pose

Looking for a little beach ball yoga twist? Have everyone sit in the circle and pass it around the circle again, but not with their hands – with their feet! I like to explain how this is similar to a group Boat Pose. Good core workout as well with holding that pose and with all the laughter.

Find a free list of your summer beach yoga poses here. These can be written on your beach ball. Have fun!

How to Teach Yoga to Children

Are you thinking about teaching yoga to kids? Perhaps you want to introduce yoga and minhow to teach yoga to childrendfulness strategies to children you know and care about. Maybe you already have experience teaching but need some additional guidance to help your classes run seamlessly and effortlessly.

You are in the right place. Kids yoga lesson planning is my jam. After nearly 20 years of classroom teaching experience and preparing over a thousand kids yoga classes, I know a thing or two about creating engaging and effective lesson plans. Having a plan in place will help your class run seamlessly with a flow and a purpose.

I used to spend hours planning just one kids yoga class before I felt ready to teach teach yoga to kidsit. For those of you who love going to adult yoga classes, you may be wondering, how hard can it be to plan a kids class? It seems like it should be easy enough. Teach the kids some poses, flow them together, and then everyone ends up on their backs in a peaceful bliss known as Savasana. That’s all you need to know, right?

Wrong. Well, not entirely wrong. Kids yoga and adult yoga are similar in that they both include breathing, practicing poses, and end with relaxation, but that is where the similarities stop.

yoga for kidsKids yoga is busy. We are moving, breathing, and interacting with one another pretty much the entire time. That’s why it would take me hours to plan a single kids yoga class. First, I needed an age-appropriate theme, creative breathing exercises (to make breathwork NOT boring), movement, games, challenges, and relevant mindfulness exercises. That was just the beginning!

Don’t forget that you also have to keep everyone engaged, on task, and having fun while practicing yoga and mindfulness. This was never an easy task.

I have cracked the code on the exact proven method of how to effectively teach yoga to children. With this step-by-step guide in place, your kids yoga classes will be fun, engaging, memorable, and effective.

And you can begin lesson-planning right from the comfort of lotus position, downward-facing dog,  or your couch because it’s all online.

So grab your free lesson planning guide and let’s dive in!

Happy 4th of July from Go Go Yoga for Kids

4th of july

Celebrate the 4th of July with these fun family friendly yoga poses.

Yoga Game for Children: Yoga Shapes

How to Play Yoga Shapes:

Are you looking for a fun easy kids yoga game?! Yoga Shapes is easy to play and the kids LOVE it! All you need is a dry erase marker and a markerboard.

Begin by telling the children that they will need to make the shape with their own body on markerboard as quickly and quietly as possible. There is no right or wrong answer.

Draw one shape on the markerboard.  When I turn the markerboard around the children will see a shape (examples:  0 , 1, L, S) Keep it simple at first. After the children make the shape with their body, then I erase it and draw another.

After a few rounds, then have the students pair up and make shapes such as T, and V. Remind them to do this quickly and without talking. It is amazing to see the pairs make the shapes differently. Finally, if you are up for a big challenge, have all of the students work together to make the final shape. I have done a smiley face, star or Y for yoga. This is a great team effort and because they aren’t able to talk it is neat to see the nonverbal communication.

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Need more kids yoga game ideas? Check out our bestselling Go Go Yoga for Kids: Yoga Lessons for Children.

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Make Time for What Makes You Happy

yoga kids dvd

When I would hear about making time for myself and what makes me happy, a little voice in my head would say; well that sounds a little selfish.

Who was I a busy mom of 3, a school teacher, and kids yoga instructor to be taking time out for myself? I had kids to raise, educate, and inspire. I have things to do. All the time.

Over time, that voice has quieted. I have found that by taking moments for simple things such as sunrise yoga, taking a walk after dinner, and reading aloud to my son at night while our puppy lies between us; brings me joy.

Through this time, I have reaffirmed how much I truly desire to help others discover the joy and techniques of how to teach yoga to children. That makes me happy. We never stop learning and we can definitely learn from one another. That is why I started an online community of others who desire the same. Together we can make a difference.

Want to be a part of our Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training community? Join our free private Facebook Group here.


Go Go Yoga for Kids at the Heartland Yoga Festival

We are so excited to be heading to the Heartland Yoga Festival; June 22-24, 2018. If you will be in area, please stop by to say hello to Go Go Yoga for Kids and grab your free pair of yoga socks.  It will be such a fun time!

Look here for ticket information.

Heartland Yoga Festival

Memorial Weekend Sale

Best Yoga for Kids Youtube Winner: Go Go Yoga for Kids

I am honored to be included in this list of amazing yoga teachers. I truly love introducing the lifelong benefits and yoga to children.  Find more here for the latest kids yoga ideas, events, and resources from Go Go Yoga for Kids.

Ask the Author: Go Go Yoga for Kids

It was “Ask An Author Anything”visit..and these 4th grade students sure did! It was so much fun visiting Jordan Creek Elementary School and answering their author questions. We covered it all including; getting ideas for stories, adding pictures and a cover, the publishing process, and if kids can get published. (Yes they can!) I am certain some of them will!

For the full Ask the Author presentation, please check it out here.

Here were a few student questions:

1. How do you get your ideas?
2. What do you do with your idea to get started? Mind Mapping, revising and editing made easy.
3. How do you add pictures?
4. What about a cover?
5. Where can you put your book when it is published?
6. Can a kid get published?
7. Will you write another book?

Find out more here.


How to Plan and Lead a Kids Yoga Event or Class Like a Pro

Part of the fun of introducing children to yoga is teaching classes and leading events. I do both of these on a regular basis and understand that while they are both important, they are both completely different in terms of how to teach kids yoga.

I am the type of person that likes to try to be prepared in all that I do. When I plan for my kids yoga classes that I teach regularly, I already know the ages and number of children ahead of time. This allows me to select age appropriate themes, yoga poses, props, and prepare an engaging lesson plan.

When leading those one time (medium or large sized) kids yoga events such as at bookstoresstores, parks, schools, libraries, and expos, there are different ways to go about planning and preparing. To see where Go Go Yoga for Kids has been recently, check out the links above.

how to teach kids yogaThere is definitely an element of the unknown to consider. How many kids will actually show up at the event? Will there be that large of an age range for children there? How to teach kids yoga? What other distractions and varying surroundings are there to think about such as the weather, other people, and surrounding noises?

All of these unknowns can make planning difficult, but I have come up with a few guidelines that help make these large group kids yoga events go smoothly.

  1. Over Pack and Plan. I know my children and husband would agree that this is one of my biggest talents (or burdens as they  usually help lug all of my props and materials). Every class I teach I bring extra mats for kids that don’t have one. I also bring seasonal or theme related props such beachballs, snowballs, Easter Eggs, etc).  See some of my favorite props here. These props are also great for attention getting in a busy setting. I also have a lesson plan in mind that I want to use with 1-2 additional activities such as related partner poses, marker board, or read aloud books for just in case.
  2. Arrive Early. This is a biggie. No matter how early I arrive at akid posen event, the time always flies before the class starts. Allow yourself time to check in with the organizer and thank them for inviting you, check the sound system/speaker for your music, and set up/organize any materials and resources. I also like to welcome the kids and help get the mats or beach towels appropriately. I like to have my classes begin in a circle and is helpful for you to help lay down the first couple of mats so others will get the idea.
  3. Keep It Moving. My recommenced class time frame for an event is for 30-40 kids yoga trainingminutes. Since you are unsure of the actual numbers and ages of children that will show up, it is better to have your class time be filled with movement, poses, and games and Stillness and Savasana at the end. Your job is to introduce children to yoga. Of course safety is a priority, but during an event is not the time to be sure that every child’s leg is in a perfect 90 degree angle in Warrior 2. yoga airplane pose

At the end, be sure to thank the kids (and adults who brought them) for coming and give them any additional ideas and resources for continuing to practice yoga at home. Many times, this may be a child’s first interaction with yoga so be proud that you helped introduce them to this practice and the life long skills and benefits that accompany yoga.

Get kids fit, flexible, and focused with our yoga pose guide

Check out our fun Kids Yoga in the Park event here.

Need more on how to teach kids yoga? See our Bestselling books Go Go Yoga for Kids: A Complete Guide to Using Yoga with Kids and Yoga Lessons for Children.




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