Jenga! Jenga! Take this Classic Game Up a Notch with Go Go Yoga for Kids

Jenga! Jenga! Take this Classic Game Up a Notch with Go Go Yoga for Kids

One of my favorite things to do is to develop creative new yoga games out of classic favorites. Kids love this as it gives them the opportunity to play a game that they are already familiar with and can learn and practice yoga poses, while working together, and having lots of fun.

The bestselling book Go Go Yoga for Kids: A Complete Guide to Using Yoga with Kids includes over 50 fun and creative yoga games to play while lkid yoga movesearning about yoga and having fun!

I would love to share with you one of my favorite: Yoga Jenga.

How to play Yoga Jenga

  1. Before playing write the names of yoga poses on Jenga Blocks in a permanent marker.
  2. Set up the Jenga Blocks as if playing a normal game.
  3.  Each player takes a turn carefully drawing out one block out at a time being careful not to let the tower fall
  4. The player will read aloud the pose and demonstrate it. Everyone then practices the yoga pose.
  5. The player places the block onto top of the tower.
  6. Continue around the circle with each child selecting a block. As per normal Jenga rules, when the blocks fall, the game is over.

Kids and adults of all ages enjoy Yoga Jega. It is a fun way to learn and practice many many poses.

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Beach Ball Yoga Kids With a Twist


Beach ball pass with a twist! This is a great teamwork effort, core workout and fun for the kids as well! Sit in a circle and pass the beach ball with your feet. See if the ball can be passed with feet without using hands in the circle. Time the students and see if they can beat their record. Try not to let the ball touch the ground!

Get more kids beachball yoga ideas and poses here.

Need a beach ball?


Get kids fit, flexible, and focused with our yoga pose guide

Yoga Mats? Really Necessary for Kids?

green yoga matYou, your breath, and your yoga mat. Is that all you need for yoga?! Unlike other sports and activities, there are very few materials that your child really needs to practice and have fun with yoga.

Do kids really need kid yoga mats?  Not necessarily, but they definitely do help kids feel like they are “officially doing yoga.”

It is, however, important to give kids their own space while practicing yoga. They thrive on having their own area to move, bend and explore. Having their own space helps give them confidence in practicing their poses and gives them a perimeter in which to work in. This is especially wonderful for younger ages or children with special needs.

You don’t need to spend too much on yoga mats for kids. It is fun to encourage them to take their mats on the go- outside in the backyard, park or to the beach! You can find discounted yoga mats online. My favorite place is YogaOutlet.com where you can find inexpensive mats or order a mat roll if you are going to need several yoga mats for a yoga themed party or for camps or classes.

Mat rolls are wonderful because you can individually cut them into 15-18 kid sized mats. Remember kids are smaller than adults so they do not have to be as long! You can also choose the thickness of the kid yoga mats.

I have also had success with using beach towels for preschool classes, outdoor yoga classes, and birthday parties. No matter what you use, it is fun to just be able to take your yoga to go- anywhere!


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