Beach Ball Yoga Game for Kids

Beachball Group GoodWhat is one of my favorite things about teaching yoga for kids? There are so many fun and creative ways to introduce poses! I love creating a yoga game for kids!

Beach Ball Yoga is one of my favorite summer games to use with all ages of children. Trust me. They love this one.

How to Play Beach Ball Yoga

1. Find a blow-up beach ball. I got mine here.

2. With different colored permanent markers write a variety of summer words on the beachball. (See the examples below)

3. I like to make my poses summer and ocean theme related. Below are some examples. Note: I only write the bold-faced word on the beach ball.

Summer Yoga Poses for Kids

Dolphin (Dolphin Pose)

Shark (Shark Pose)

Iguana (Plank)

Swimmer (Superman Pose)

Mermaid (Up Dog)

Sunflower (bend at waist, hold opposite elbow, and circle up and around while holding elbows)

Beach chair (Chair Pose)

Crab (Crab kicks)

Sand castle (Down Dog)

Palm tree (Tree Pose)

Surfer (Warrior 2)

Fish (Fish Pose)

Jellyfish (bend at waist and let arms hang down)

Turtle (Turtle Pose)

Starfish (Savasana)

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How to Play Beach Ball Yoga

  1. Toss the beach ball around the circle.
  2. When a child catches it, have them read the pose nearest their thumb.
  3.  Introduce that pose to the class and everyone can practice it.
  4. Then have the ball be tossed again to another student and go again. This is a fun way to learn and practice lots of different poses!

Not sure what these poses look like? Find our Summer Yoga Pose Guide here.

Beach Ball Kids Yoga Challenge

Kids love challenges so after the children have learned the poses, I like to give them a Yoga Challenge and have them pass the beach ball with their feet.

Beachball Feet passThis is a great team effort, core workout, and fun for the kids as well.

Have the children sit in a circle and pass the beach ball with their feet. See if the ball can be passed with feet without using hands in the circle. Time the students and see if they can beat their record. Try not to let the ball touch the ground.

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