Yoga Game for Children: Yoga Shapes

Yoga Game for Children: Yoga Shapes

Are you looking for a fun easy kids yoga game?! Yoga Shapes is easy to play and the kids LOVE it! All you need is a dry erase marker and a markerboard.

How to Play Yoga Shapes:

Begin by telling the children that they will need to make the shape with their own body on markerboard as quickly and quietly as possible. There is no right or wrong answer.

Draw one shape on the markerboard.  When I turn the markerboard around the children will see a shape (examples:  0 , 1, L, S) Keep it simple at first. After the children make the shape with their body, then I erase it and draw another.

After a few rounds, then have the students pair up and make shapes such as T, and V. Remind them to do this quickly and without talking. It is amazing to see the pairs make the shapes differently. Finally, if you are up for a big challenge, have all of the students work together to make the final shape. I have done a smiley face, star or Y for yoga. This is a great team effort and because they aren’t able to talk it is neat to see the nonverbal communication.

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School Wide Yoga Mannequin Challenge With Go Go Yoga Kids

School Kids Take on the Mannequin Challenge: Yoga Style!

I  love visiting schools and enjoy talking to the students about being an author and introducing them to yoga. Recently I spent a wonderful morning at the Paton-Churdan Elementary and Junior High Schools speaking to the students about writing and publishing books.

We also learned some fun yoga poses and practiced them with games. A favorite game was the Mannequin Challenge.  At the time this challenge had taken over the internet and the students were so excited to be a part of this sensation.

You can view our entertaining Mannequin Challenge below. The kids were very excited about this and I was amazed at their determination and focus to stay as still as they can. Being still isn’t easy when you are packed in tightly next to your classmates, but when you include some balance poses as well, it is even more challenging! The junior high kids are first in the video, followed by the preschool and elementary.

I spent this morning speaking to the students about being a writer and playing some yoga games.You can view our entertaining Mannequin Challenge below

The school kids definitely rocked this yoga mannequin challenge! The preschool and elementary tried their best. It’s hard to be still! No matter what, everyone had fun!

Check out our Mannequin Challenge video below.


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Jenga! Jenga! How to Play Yoga Jenga

Jenga! Jenga! How to Play Yoga Jenga

One of my favorite things to do is to develop creative new yoga games out of classic favorites. Kids love this as it gives them the opportunity to play a game that they are already familiar with and can learn and practice yoga poses, while working together, and having lots of fun.

The bestselling book Go Go Yoga for Kids: A Complete Guide to Using Yoga with Kids includes over 50 fun and creative yoga games to play while lkid yoga movesearning about yoga and having fun!

I would love to share with you one of my favorite: Yoga Jenga.

How to play Yoga Jenga

  1. Before playing write the names of yoga poses on Jenga Blocks in a permanent marker.
  2. Set up the Jenga Blocks as if playing a normal game.
  3.  Each player takes a turn carefully drawing out one block out at a time being careful not to let the tower fall
  4. The player will read aloud the pose and demonstrate it. Everyone then practices the yoga pose.
  5. The player places the block onto top of the tower.
  6. Continue around the circle with each child selecting a block. As per normal Jenga rules, when the blocks fall, the game is over.

Kids and adults of all ages enjoy Yoga Jega. It is a fun way to learn and practice many many poses.

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