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We have so much fun talking about how to plan kids yoga with the 9 Most Important Parts of Your Kids Yoga Class through our Kids Yoga Lesson Planning 101 Series.

These 9 Important Parts all include a different purpose for your students. When you combine them all together, it creates a complete, meaningful and engaging Kids Yoga Class–one that they will remember, keep them practicing at home, and making them want to come back for more.

The Most Important Parts of a Kids Yoga Class. Which is your favorite? Listen and Win!

Get our Free printable Kids Yoga Lesson Planning 101 Guide here.

Get all caught up with your Kids Yoga Lesson Planning 101 Free Training Below. Each part is important its own way and you do not want to miss it!

Video 1: How to Plan Your Kids Yoga Class

Video 2: The Welcome

Video 3: Breathing Exercises

Video 4: Sun Salutations

Video 5: Active Movement

Video 6: Themed Yoga Poses

Video 7: The Yoga Challenge

Video 8: Building Community

Video 9: Stillness & Savasana

Plan Kids Yoga Classes Like a Pro!

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