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Although the official Opposite Day has been declared on January 25, kids love to celebrate Opposite Day anytime. A fun way to do that is with The Opposite Yoga Pose Game and dog pose.

Kids love this yoga game and it really stretches their minds as they think creatively and move their bodies in different ways. Kids don’t necessarily need to have an understanding of all the yoga poses to be able to play. Use The Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards┬áto help this game be even more successful and fun for kids.

How to play the Opposite Yoga Pose Game:

  1. Have one child pick a yoga pose card. These yoga pose cards are our favorites.
  2. Have the child think of an opposite yoga pose for it. For example; Down Dog Pose could be Boat Pose. Or Frog Pose would become Happy Baby Pose and the opposite of Mountain Pose is a Headstand.
  3. The next child then selects a card and everyone demonstrates the opposite of.
  4. Continue around the circle until everyone has had a turn.

**If the child cannot think of what an opposite yoga pose, he or she can make one up or the group can help them think of one.

How many more opposite yoga poses can you think of? It is okay if the children (or you) do not know the name of the poses they are making. Just make them up and have fun!

A helpful tip is to look at the pose card and see what they can come up with. This is a fun game that allows collaboration and teamwork within the group. It is the simple act of moving their bodies in creative and different ways that will produce many benefits.

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