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You have made it through the Kids Yoga Lesson Planning 101 Teacher Training! I am proud of you! Now you know how to teach yoga to kids and carry out a memorable and engaging kids yoga class!

For those of you who may have missed a few weeks, no worries! Get all caught up below.

Kids Yoga Lesson Planning 101

The 9 Most Important Parts that Every Kids Yoga Class Should Include

These 9 Important Parts to a kids yoga less plan all include a different purpose for your students. When you combine them all together, it creates a complete, meaningful and engaging Kids Yoga Class–one that they will remember, keep them practicing at home, and making them want to come back for more.

When finished I hope you feel like this ofter your Kids Yoga Lesson Planning 101 Training!

I just finished your Kids Yoga Lesson Planning 101 youtube videos! I enjoyed it very much! While I watched your videos I made my first lesson plan to use! I also completed not too long ago your online kids yoga teacher course also, so its game on! lol.
I personally enjoyed learning the different ways of active movement, and the idea of getting the kids hearts pumping right before actually getting into yoga poses, and savasana will ALWAYS be a favorite for me to learn, teach, and do also lol!  It is such a good way to soak up the benefits of the poses. I cant wait to connect with the kids in the way you say in your videos while performing and coming out of savasana, I obviously know what it feels like, and I’ve taught my own children, but to connect with kids that aren’t yours is truly magical and in this day and age, they need all the positive role models they can get. I’M SO EXCITED
! Thank you so much for the videos!” Courtney S. Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training Graduate

Get Caught up Below on The Most Important Parts That Every Kids Yoga Class Needs:

How to Plan Your Kids Yoga Class

The Welcome (Part 1)

Breathing Exercises (Part 2)

Sun Salutations (Part 3)

Active Movement (Part 4)

yoga for kids
Create Fun, Engaging, and Memorable Kids Yoga Classes with our Kids Yoga Lesson Planning 101

Themed Yoga Poses (Part 5)

Yoga Games (Part 6)

The Yoga Challenge (Part 7)

Building Community (Part 8)

Stillness and Savasana (Part 9)

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