How to Teach Yoga to Preschoolers

yoga school 2Introducing preschoolers to yoga is one of my favorite things to teach. We can be superheroes, Lego enthusiasts, dragons and knights. We can be anything we want as we enter our imaginary world. There is no stopping this age. One of the best things about  this young age is their ability to jump right in and not be afraid to be anything they want.

 by Jessica Walsch of Yoga International


“I want to be a baby dinosaur!”

“Okay, let’s be dinosaurs, and yes, Allison, you can be a baby dinosaur,” I reply.

Soon the room turns into a scene from The Land Before Time as the kids wave their arms like wings, crawl on hands and knees, or assume a down dog-like position. Everyone is laughing, smiling, and having tons of fun.

This is what kids’ yoga is all about. And teaching preschool-age yogis who are light-hearted, creative, energetic, and (thankfully) quite forgiving is immensely rewarding. But as you can probably tell, it’s not anything like teaching yoga class to adults. You’re working with a completely different audience, so the content has to be different. But how?” Read more…

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The National Kids Yoga Conference will include a balanced weekend of keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, networking, and yoga practice.

  • Using yoga in the school
  • Resources and tools for yoga
  • Yoga research

We can’t wait! All of this knowledge will help us all continue to empower kids for life through yoga and I can’t wait to share it with you! Stay tuned!

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Book Reviews for Go Go Yoga Kids

Do you have your copy yet?

What others are raving about: 

“As a teacher and Mom to three kids, I found Go Go Kids Yoga: Empower Kids for Life Through Yoga to be an amazing resource for getting kids active with yoga.  This book will be on my bookshelf both at home and in my Kindergarten classroom.  I can easily pull games, community building activities, and yoga poses from this book and have my own kids or students engaged and energized in no time.  I look forward to sharing this resource with my fellow educators and friends.  It has everything you need to plan, teach, and extend a yoga class for kids of all ages and abilities.”

Katherine V. Elementary School Teacher

I am a public school elementary school teacher, as well as a certified children’s yoga teacher. Yoga has always been a part of my curriculum; however, planning the lessons can take a lot of time.  Discovering the Go Go Yoga Kids book has been a blessing! I love the way it’s organized, with sections including illustrations and names of poses, breath work, game ideas, ways to communicate with parents, community building ideas, etc. Also, I really like the format used for lesson planning. I will definitely be incorporating the fun themed lessons, this year, in the classroom, and in the studio.

Meg-Headshot-1Megan Q. Children’s Yoga Instructor, Public School Teacher

Go Go Yoga Kids is a must-have resource for anyone teaching yoga to kids. It doesn’t matter if you have any training or experience with yoga, this book will successfully guide you through teaching a class. As a kid’s yoga instructor, I am always searching for creative and fun ideas to add for my classes. I finally found exactly what I was looking for in Go Go Yoga Kids. With the lesson plans included in this book you have the foundation to lead endless successful classes!

Crystal T. Kids Yoga Instructor

This valuable guide gives you the tools you need to entice kids of all ages to put down the video games and engage in the energetic, beneficial, creative, and mindful exercise of yoga.

John T. Adult Yoga Instructor and Dad of 2

This is an easy to read and complete resource about the benefits of yoga, how to teach yoga, and why children need to practice yoga. I love that Go Go Yoga Kids clearly describes different poses that can be taught to children in age appropriate and engaging ways. As a preschool director, I appreciate that the author has written lesson plans that are ready to use and be taught to kids. If you are looking to implement yoga at home or in your classroom, this is the only book that you need!

Michelle M., Preschool Director

Do Some Yoga At School

Get more ideas on how to  use yoga in the schools

yoga in school

We know that schools should be focused on encompassing and enriching the whole child. The good news is that yoga incorporates all of those characteristics! Why not give students the tools they will use through life by incorporating some yoga into their school day?

As a teacher, I know how full the school day already is with many benchmarks and curriculum guidelines to meet. The last thing most kids need in a competitive school curriculum is another highly structured class. Yoga is not like that. It brings fun, focus, and mindfulness into the classroom and is something all students can participate in and be successful with.

Why Yoga In Schools is a Great Idea

  • Encourages community and teamwork within the classroom
  • Helps to create a classroom atmosphere of confidence, enthusiasm, and non-competitiveness
  • Provides opportunities for beneficial large motor breaks throughout the day
  • Eases anxiety and tension (perfect for pre-test  jitters)
  • Enhances focus, concentration, comprehension, and memory
  • Creates a calm classroom

See more on using yoga in schools with Go Go Yoga Kids: Empower Kids for Life through Yoga Book now available at Amazon.