Partner Yoga Poses for Kids

Partner Yoga Poses for Kids

What is better than kids yoga? Partner Yoga Poses for kids! Join Go Go Yoga for Kids at Athleta for a peek inside our fun partner kids yoga class. First, the children warmed up their bodies with some sun salutations and exercises. Then they got into pairs to determine a team name which was so much fun to see what they came up with.

partner yoga poses for kids

Kids Yog Challenge Pose Cards

I used the Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards to unveil the 5 different leveled partner poses. We started off nice and easy with See Saw Partner Pose. First I showed the partner pose card example and then had a partner pair demonstrate the pose. We also talked about being safe and careful with our partners.

Next we were ready to move into the Level 2 Partner Pose which is Raindrop, followed by Double Boat and Double Down Dog. To celebrate our success we played a fun group yoga game with Down Dog Tunnels which was so much fun. No kids yoga class is complete with Stillness and

Kids yoga down dog tunnelSavasana and the children settled right into it.

A Partner yoga Poses themed class is a lot of fun for kids as they love working together and teamwork.

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