Indoor Recess Survival Guide With Yoga Stations

Indoor Recess Survival Guide With Yoga Stations

Cold weather is keeping kids inside during school recess this winter. With recess and PE time already being decreased in schools, this definitely is a growing concern. Kids need to have the opportunity to move and be active during an otherwise mostly sedentary school day. Instead of turning on a movie or staring at an Ipad try some fun Yoga Stations.

Try these 5 easy to implement Yoga Stations for the next indoor recess to get your kids fit, focused and flexible. Yoga stations are perfect for school and home and require no materials. Set up your 3 Yoga Stations in your classroom or home, turn up some music and have kids rotate stations every five minutes.

Station 1: Plank Pose Challenge

In one corner of the room have students partner up and take turns holding the perfect plank position with a straight line from head to feet. Their partner can watch the clock for 15 or 30 seconds. Have them switch positions and slowly work up to one minute.


Station 2: Tree Pose

Balance needs to be practiced in order to be maintained. Tips on holding that can be ttree posericky tree pose is by focusing on a spot on the ground that is not moving. Bring your foot to your calf and hands at heart center. As you become more steady, try bringing your foot to your thigh and your hands overhead.



Station 3: Warrior 2 Jumps

Kids love this and is a great way to get the heart pumping and healthy. Stand strong in Warrior 2 with arms outstretched and front leg bent. Try jumping and switching directions and landing in Warrior 2. It is almost like snowboarding, but much warmer!

Station 4: Down Dog Push Ups 

We have all done push-ups and feel the effects in our arms. Down Dog push-ups work not only your arms, but also increase the length of hamstring muscles. While in Down Dog pose move your arms in a push-up form. You probably won’t be able to get as close to the floor, but students will work their arms and legs in a whole new way!

Station 5: Human Knot yoga game

This is a perfect opportunity for kids to work together in a small group to accomplish a goal. Stand in a circle and grasp one another’s hands across from you. Try to untangle yourselves without letting go of hands. This requires patience, communication and some flexibility. It is a great way to build teamwork in your home or classroom

With these simple exercises, kids are working together on balance, focus, core strength while getting their heart healthy and happy! Those are all good things for home or school!

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