School Kids Take on the Mannequin Challenge: Yoga Style!

School Kids Take on the Mannequin Challenge: Yoga Style!

I  love visiting schools and enjoy talking to the students about being an author and introducing them to yoga. Recently I spent a wonderful morning at the Paton-Churdan Elementary and Junior High Schools speaking to the students about writing and publishing books.

We also learned some fun yoga poses and practiced them with games. A favorite game was the Mannequin Challenge.  At the time this challenge had taken over the internet and the students were so excited to be a part of this sensation.

You can view our entertaining Mannequin Challenge below. The kids were very excited about this and I was amazed at their determination and focus to stay as still as they can. Being still isn’t easy when you are packed in tightly next to your classmates, but when you include some balance poses as well, it is even more challenging! The junior high kids are first in the video, followed by the preschool and elementary.

I spent this morning speaking to the students about being a writer and playing some yoga games.You can view our entertaining Mannequin Challenge below

The school kids definitely rocked this yoga mannequin challenge! The preschool and elementary tried their best. It’s hard to be still! No matter what, everyone had fun!

Check out our Mannequin Challenge video below.


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