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I haven’t met the author of this article from Huffington Post about teaching yoga to kids, but I would love to meet her and give her a copy of Go Go Yoga Kids: A Complete Guide to Yoga with Kids.

Olga sounds like a great mom. She remembers doing yoga as a young adult and how it did wonders for her self-esteem. Now as a mom, she is looking for a way to connect with her kids and get in shape.

After a few tries, she realized that yoga with kids is different than with adults. The benefits are equally substantial, but she realized how teaching yoga to kids is busy, active and so much fun!

Here is Olga’s story…

…I decided to let go of my expectations. And this is where we start having fun.

We even make up our own yoga poses and sequences: The Head-Bump Pose (stand opposite of each other and then try to bend down and bump your heads in the process), followed by Rolling on the Floor Laughing. We lie on the floor, all three of us together (and sometimes there is a baby lying on my belly), and we hold hands and laugh some more. There are plenty of Cuddle Poses, I’m sure. I stop caring whether the yoga pose is perfect or whether it lasts as long as it should.

Instead, I focus on the fun stuff.

Like roaring like a lion, and making “ssss”-sounds like a snake, and stretching our necks like a giraffe. Now this is something the children can actually relate to, and they want to join me!

We’re finally having fun and connecting.

I love that! That is what it is all about! Having fun, being healthy and connecting with your kids. All at the same time! Read more of Olga’s story here.

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