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How to Play Quiet Ball

Quiet Ball is a perfect mindfulness game to help bring the energy level down when working with a group of kids.

It is also a great game for building mindfulness and teamwork as everyone must work together.

Find your Free Yoga Games Guide below and get ready to follow along and play!

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How to Play Quiet Ball: A Mindfulness Game for Children:

Number of Players: 4+

Materials: Small ball (or other seasonal type balls; beach ball, soccer ball, etc)

Recommended Ages: 5 and up

How to play 

  • Have the children sit in a circle. Depending on the ages of the kids, determines how far away everyone sits. The younger the ages, the closer they sit together.
  • One child gets to toss the ball to anyone they wish as long as that person is quiet and paying attention.
  • The ball is continually passed around the circle with each person making eye contact to the person they will pass it to.
  • The ball cannot be passed to someone who is not paying attention because they will may not to catch it.
  • See how long you can keep the ball going without it being dropped.

Leader Notes:

  • If I am playing this game at school, I would allow the children to sit on top of their desks or tables. How often do they get to do that? That alone ups the fun factor for sure!
  • To sometimes change the game up, I  also have the class count aloud to see how many times we can catch it in a row without dropping the ball.

This doesn’t necessarily keep the game quiet, but it does provide a change in pace and definitely keeps everyone paying attention.

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