Kids Yoga Lesson Plan: Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?

Kids love this familiar book by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle. Its repetitive style builds confidence with reading in ages 2-6.

I love the bright vivid animal illustrations and how this book ties in perfectly to kids yoga. Read this book aloud and enjoy this preschool and Kindergarten movement and yoga lesson plan. It is perfect for home or school.

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How to Teach Yoga to Kids Using Picture Books:
Learn about the secret power of reading aloud to children while doing yoga poses to help give the greatest benefit to kids. As a teacher and reading specialist, I understand the importance of reading aloud to children while keeping kids mindful, active, and learning to achieve great benefits.
When you read aloud to children and combine it with yoga poses, you have children that are becoming mindful, fit, and literate! In this video you will discover some of the best books to read aloud to children and learn how you can easily incorporate movement and yoga poses into these read-aloud times. A full kids yoga lesson plan that you can use with kids at home or school will also accompany this video.

Children who are read aloud to get a head start in language and literacy. It increases their vocabulary and opportunity for comprehension practice. Combine that with yoga and you have children moving and stretching their bodies while increasing their focus and balance while having fun! When kids are moving it helps enhance their understanding and retention of what they have learned. This is called kinesthetic learning and it is perfect to use with those busy wiggly kids that need to move their bodies during or after those long school days of sitting.
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