Stop the guesswork! Here are the tried and true recommendations of what works with teaching kids yoga! We have your best read-alouds, props, and resources!



The ABCs of Yoga for Kids

by Teresa Power

I Am Yoga

by Susan Verde

Commotion in the Ocean

by Giles Andreae

*See our Hungry Caterpillar Lesson Plan here.

Ten Monkey Jamboree

by Dianne Ochiltree

Mouse Count

by Ellen Stoll Walsh

My Many Colored Days

by Dr. Seuss

*Get our Kids Yoga Jungle Adventure Lesson Plan here.

Rumble in the Jungle

by Giles Andreae

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The Museum

by Susan Verde

The Runaway Bunny

by Margaret Brown

*Brown Bear lesson plan included in the Go Go Yoga for Kids book.

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Downward Mule

by Jenna Hammond

Downward Mule

by Jenna Hammond




Twister Game

by Hasbro

See how to use Jenga Blocks with teaching kids yoga here.


Jenga Classic Game

by Hasbro


See our Beachball Kids Yoga Lesson Plan here.

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  • Perfect for introducing breathwork with kids.


The Best Yoga Poses for Kids


Get kids fit, flexible, and focused with the Best Yoga Poses for Kids Guide.

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