These are the resources that I use regularly for myself personally or my family. This page may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

Reading IQ

This app was a complete game-changer for my son to finally enjoy reading! As a teacher, it always dismayed me that reading was not something he would ever just choose to do. That was until Reading IQ!

Now Max reads well over an hour a day without me asking. We signed up for the first month Free Trial. I knew after he logged 2,000 reading minutes in under a month that this would be a keeper!

Read my full review on Reading IQ here. We also loved it so much that we bought their upper elementary – through junior high online learning Adventure Academy

He plays in this virtual world daily without even realizing all of the math, science, history, and language arts benefits he is learning as he makes his way through adventures and challenges! Love that!

Find out more about Adventure Academy here and start your Free Trial.

Yoga Outlet

The world’s biggest yoga shop! All online! I am in! I love Yoga Outlet!

 My top 3 Fave Products from Yoga Outlet 


1. This yoga mat cleanser. So important now more than ever. My favorite studio always has a few bottles laying around, but I had to get my own.



 2. Yoga Blocks! You will NOT find a better price on yoga blocks. Fun prop to use for kids yoga as well!



 3. My absolute favorite product from Yoga Outlet: A Yoga Mat Roll!

I purchased this mat roll over 5 years ago. I cut it into kid sized yoga mats and take these mats everywhere for my kid yoga classes (libraries, schools, park,).

Hands down, the best investment I made early on in my kids yoga teaching career. Kids love having their own space, but they definitely do not need the bulky too long adult sized yoga mats.



I discovered this online yoga class gem when Social Distancing and Covid-19 became the norm.

I knew I needed to continue on with my yoga practice for all of the physical and mental benefits, but my favorite yoga studio was closed. Yes, I could practice poses on my own, but we all know it is just not the same.

Just having the benefits of someone leading you through the breathwork and flow takes all of the mental thought out of it. I signed up for their 14-day trial and continued on with their incredible monthly value.