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The  Best Alphabet Yoga Poses for Kids

Kids love yoga games! Games are a great way to get kids moving, build strength, practice following directions, working together and learning yoga poses in fun and engaging ways.

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Why Kids love Alphabet Yoga:

Alphabet Yoga is a great mental and physical game. It’s a wonderful way to practice different yoga poses and it really gets kids thinking creatively.

Kids don’t need to have lots of experience with yoga poses to be able to play this game. It’s one that they can use their creativity and use their imagination.

How to Play Alphabet Yoga

You can play this with ages five and up. You can do this with 1 child, 15 or 20! Alphabet Yoga is very flexible on the numbers of players.

I use the Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards for this game. You don’t need to have the Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards but it is nice to have a visual for the kids with yoga poses and helps if they get stuck.
yoga pose

  1. Have everyone sit in a circle.
  2. The first child takes the first letter of the alphabet which is A. They must come up with a yoga pose or make one up that starts up with A. The child may choose Airplane Pose. Everyone says A  Airplane Pose and they practice it.
  3. Then the next child in the circle has one. This child could say; Boat Pose, Butterfly Pose, Bird Pose, etc.. Everyone then practices the B letter pose.
  4. Next they go on to letter C. There’s a lot of good C yoga words. You could practice Cat Pose, Cobra Pose, Cow Pose would work, if you really want to up the game with kids and make it very challenging you could do Crow Pose.
  5. Continue with letter D. The kids could come up with Dancer Pose or Down Dog. Again these poses are all in the Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards.
  6.  E is the next letter of the alphabet. Eagle Pose is tons of fun and great to work on balance. You could do Elephant Pose and pretend to sway your trunk up and down.
  7. F could be Flower Pose or Fire Log Pose which are great to practice.
  8. G is for Gorilla Pose or Goddess Pose which is a fun one too.

The game continues on throughout the alphabet.

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Game Variations:

For an extra challenge with the older kids, I would have them remember each pose and repeat from the top.

For example Each time there’s a new pose added they must go back to A Airplane Pose, B Butterfly Pose, C Cat Pose. This is such a wonderful way to practice memory and repetition.

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