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Over the next few week elite athletes try their best and go for the gold. Have some family fun with these Winter Olympics yoga poses.

The Winter Olympics are here! Over the next few weeks, millions of people will tune in from all over the world to watch elite athletes try their best and go for the gold. Have some family fun with these Winter Olympics yoga poses.

First, warm up your body from the inside with an Olympic breathing exercise. Athletes need to have a strong breath to compete at this level. Since it is the Winter Olympics, you need to breathe in deeply and raise your arms above your head in the shape of an O (for Olympics). Then, lower your arms and exhale strongly as if you are trying to see your breath in this winter weather. Repeat several times.

Now that your bodies are good and warm, it is time for snowboarding. Move into Warrior 2 Pose with your feet wide apart.

Warrior 2

Bend your front knee and extend your arms so they are parallel to the ground. For an extra challenge try to complete a 180-degree turn.  Jump midair in this position as you switch lead legs. Try to have some “hang time!

Next, it is time to go skiing. Move into Chair Pose as you bend your knees and bring your arms up overhead. Breathe deeply as you move your arms up and down as if you are skiing down a hill. Try to lift up on the balls of your feet and lower them as your arms move as well.

chair pose

Hop into your bobsled with Boat Pose. Begin seated with your feet flat on the floor. Keep your spine straight as you raise your legs and bring your body into a “V” shape. Sway a little right and left as if you were on a sled.

Boat Pose

Our last event is Ice Skating in Airplane Pose. Place your weight onto your right leg. Next, extend your left leg straight and strong behind you. Work toward lifting your arms in front of you. Breathe deeply as if you are gliding on the ice. Switch legs and continue practicing.

Find all of these Olympic Winter Yoga Poses and more in our newly updated Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards.


The Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards


Have fun bringing the Winter Olympics to your home, classroom, or studio with these themed yoga poses.

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