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The Kids Yoga Teacher Introduction Course will teach everything that you need to know before teaching yoga to children!

Learn Exactly What You Need to Begin Teaching Yoga to Children Right Away

  • Live Kids Yoga Class Examples from Beginning to End
  • Step-by-Step Lesson Plans
  • Yoga Pose Visuals
  • The Most Important Parts of Your Kids Yoga Class

Included Full Length Kids Yoga Classes:

  • Preschool/Early Childhood 
  • School Ages 5-12
  • Teen & Tween
  • All Ages Family Yoga

Plus….Lesson Plan Extensions

Discover the importance of having a “bag of tricks” or additional ideas to add into your class in case something isn’t working, you need to modify, differentiate or you have additional time to fill.

Each Live Kids Yoga Class includes a lesson recap that includes:

  • Yoga poses and games to differentiate for varying levels and skills
  • Additional read aloud books  to include in your class
  • What you can do differently to accommodate different age groups and abilities.

Downloadable Lesson Plans & Yoga Pose Visuals

  • Complete step-by-step kids yoga lesson plans
  • Printable yoga pose visuals to use in class for practice and games
  • Fun, engaging and diverse Kids Yoga Themes such as Blast into Space, Building Confidence, Animal Yoga & More.

Each live kids yoga class includes:

  • A complete 35-45 minute long class
  • Downloadable lesson plans that you can follow along with and then use for your classes
  • Yoga pose visuals that match perfectly with the lesson plan and are also needed for using with kids for games and practice.
  • Plus A video recap with lesson extensions including why I did what I did, what you could change to differentiate for varying levels and needs,  how you could make the lesson longer or shorter depending on your class needs plus ways to differentiate.
  • Not only that, but I will teach you the Fail Proof Easy way to plan your kids yoga lessons. These are lessons that kids will remember and will have them excited for yoga.

This is exactly what I wanted when I began teaching yoga to kids. No more spending your time and energy trying to piece things together. Discover what really works in teaching yoga to kids!