This is a great book for parents, teachers, babysitters, camp counselors and anyone else who wants to introduce yoga to children but doesn’t know how. I loved that Sara Weis made this book accessible even to people who’ve never done yoga before.


“As a kid’s yoga and mindfulness teacher this book is an invaluable guide.
Totally accessible and filled with useful information, games, and activities!
I love using this book with my students.
Brings out the joy of yoga!”


This book is chalk full of great information to help yoga teachers, classroom teachers, youth leaders, counselors, parents, and any others learn how to implement yoga into the lives of children. Very creative and fun! I highly recommend this book to those wishing to learn how to make yoga fun for kids, and how to empower them to be active as well as mindful and meditative at the same time!


“Yoga has always been a part of my curriculum; however, planning the lessons can take a lot of time. Discovering the Go Go Yoga for Kids book has been a blessing! I love the way it’s organized, with sections including illustrations and names of poses, breath work, game ideas, ways to communicate with parents, community building ideas, etc.
Also, I really like the format used for lesson planning!”