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Looking for something active and fun to do with children this winter?


Children love this Snow Much Fun Kids Yoga Lesson plan. All you need are some names of yoga poses that you want to teach, some plush white balls, and some pose card visuals which make it helpful for children to see and understand what the pose looks like.

Snowga Yoga Fun for Kids

How to Play

  1. I use The Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards and these plush snowballs.
  2. Before plying with kids I attach a small sticker or tape to the snowballs with the name of a yoga pose on each one. Fun poses to include that children always enjoy learning and practicing are Star Pose, Warrior 2, Boat Pose, Chair Pose, and Triangle Pose.
  3. Select just 4-6 yoga poses for the children to learn and practice for each themed cold yoga class. It is best to focus on practicing a few yoga poses during a class instead of many yoga poses.
  4. I like to use a present box or holiday gift bag to put the snowballs in. It creates a lot more anticipation when the kids take turns drawing the pose (snowball) out of a box or bag.
  5. After one snowball pose is drawn,  all of the children practice that pose before drawing out a new pose.
  6. I model the poses myself or use the Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards or the Kids Yoga Challenge App to help demonstrate the pose.  After all of the snowballs have been selected, then it is time to play some yoga games to practice the poses.
  7. For hundreds of Yoga Games, see any of our Go Go Yoga for Kids lesson plan books.
  8. Kids also love practicing balance with their snowballs. I like to line the children up on one end of the room. Slowly they try to walk and balance their snowball on their outstretched hand, in their elbow, under their chin, or on top of their heads. Ask the children where else they could balance their snowball. They are sure to have ideas.
  9. Children can also use their snowball for a breathing exercise called the Snowball Race. Students line up their snowball at the back of their yoga mat. On your mark, get set and go! They try to use their strong breath to move the snowball to the end of their mat.yoga for kids
  10. At the end of class, have the children slowly melt into their mats, and place their snowball on their bellies. As they breathe deeply, they can notice the rise and fall of their breath with the snowball.

Everyone will “snow much fun!”

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