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I was honored to be a guest on the Mindful Moments for Families & Schools Podcast! We continued to crack the code on how to easily incorporate mindfulness and yoga into your children’s everyday routine. 

Get Ready to Discover:

  • Recommendations on how to get started with a yoga & mindfulness practice yourself
  • How to get started teaching yoga to children
  • Create mini mindful moments with Kids
  • How the Go Go Yoga for Kids books & resources came to fruition
  • The creation of The Kids Yoga Challenge App
  • How to easily connect with children
  • Favorite Kids Yoga teaching moments
  • How to build a passion into a business

Tune in for a lighthearted and spirited discussion that left me smiling way after we had parted.


go go yoga for kids
go go yoga for kids


Mindful Moments for Families and Schools Podcast

Host: Kelly Winkler

In today’s episode I chat with Sara Weis. Best-selling author Sara J. Weis is a creative and passionate teacher who has inspired children for over twenty years. In Go Go Yoga for Kids, Sara has combined her experience as a school teacher and a certified kid and adult yoga instructor to introduce children to yoga in engaging and child-friendly ways.

Sara is the author of Go Go Yoga for Kids: A Complete Guide to Yoga with Kids, Yoga Lessons for Children and Yoga Games & Activities for Children. She is also the creator of the Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards, The Kids Yoga Challenge App and the online Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training, which has trained thousands from all over the world on how to energetically and effectively teach yoga and mindfulness to children.

Sara holds a master’s degree in education as well as bachelor’s degrees in early childhood and elementary education. She is a teacher for West Des Moines Schools and leads kids yoga classes for a nationally-known health and fitness club. Her Go Go Go Yoga for Kids Teacher Training and books are found in over 200 health clubs, gyms and schools across the US.

Listen to the full episode to hear all Sara’s wisdom about yoga for kids. 

kids yoga challenge pose cards

The Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards will challenge you and children with balance, flexibility, mindfulness, and more. This card deck includes 40 poses including partner poses, confidence building pose mantras, and fun games to play together using these cards.

The Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards Include:

  • 40 progressive yoga poses including partner poses
  • Empowering pose mantras for beginners and meditation
  • Poses rated from 1-5 stars based on difficulty
  • Easy to follow poses to create many original yoga flows
  • 15 Bonus Games to play using these pose cards
  • Tested and proven yoga poses to bring most mental and physical benefit
  • Takes only minutes each day to gain lifelong skills and health benefits