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tree poseThree boys. That was the total number of participants for the very first kids yoga classes that I ever taught. I was fresh out the gate with my kids yoga training and was ready and eager to introduce kids to the fun and love of yoga.

After all, I loved yoga AND kids and was sure that I could get these three unsuspecting boys on board. After all, one was a fitness instructor’s son (who pretty much had to be there) and the other two were not native English speaking students. Their mom hoped they would pick up some more words and understanding by taking a yoga class.

I poured my heart into these boys for our first 8-week session. I spent hours researching and creating active yoga themes and games that I knew would get their bodies moving and their interests piqued. We were superheroes, jungle animals, warriors, and Lego enthusiasts.  I wrote up informative parent notes for each session so the parents would know our theme and poses we worked on each week as well as yoga games we played and illustrations and tips so the students could work on poses at home.

I would try out my lessons and ideas on my own children before my kids yoga classes. If my kids weren’t available, I would sit on my living room floor and run through my lessons out loud. By myself. I know this may sound completely overboard, but I really wanted to be prepared, and I truly wanted to help them learn and grow. I wanted to give these boys the best yoga experience I could.

After my first session ended the boys all signed up for my next session as well as twelve other kids. This quadrupled my roster! I was ecstatic. I had learned so much that first go round and was complexly hooked on the combination of teaching, yoga and kids.

Now hundreds of kids, yoga lessons and games later, I feel like I truly know what works for introducing and

yoga for kids

Go Go Yoga for Kids: A Complete Guide to Yoga With Kids

engaging kids through yoga. I am excited to share the knowledge I gained with you so you are able to empower the kids around you with all of the benefits and fun that yoga provides.

Go Go Yoga for Kids is on the move! Stick around, I am so thankful for you being a part of it!

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