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As a Yoga Kids teacher, I am always looking for fun ways to help my students focus on their yoga breathing and being aware of themselves and others. This breath work game works well with younger ages that know each other. This will definitely zig zag breathinghelp kids remember the power of breath which is so important in yoga!

Each person places their head on another person’s stomach so that everyone is connected.  Then I encourage the kids to get their laughs and giggles out as it really is a pretty funny position to be in. Once we get that out of our system, it is time to become aware of our yoga breathing.

Then the first person says “Ha” while really exaggerating their breath, next the second person says “Ha-ha”, The third person responds with, “Ha ha ha.”   Continue on while each person adds a “ha”. The goal is to get all the way through the group without anyone laughing.

They will laugh! It is almost impossible not to! It is such a unique set-up and  just by saying the word “Ha!” will bring out the laughter. If they do happen to make it through, let everyone get their giggles out that they have been holding in. Then challenge the class to be completely quiet and attentive to just the rising and falling breath for 30 seconds. Now that is pretty powerful!