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downward facing dogHere are 3 easy Kids Yoga Poses that you can do with your kids. Anywhere! Anytime!

When many people think of yoga they imagine standing very still, holding a pose, and attempting to breathe. That is yoga, yes, but yoga is also full of active movement and strength building!

Plank Challenge:

Holding Plank Pose can be a love/hate relationship. With regular practice, endurance does build up and it can be a lot more tolerable. Plank Pose is truly the perfect exercise as every muscle in your body is working and will get stronger including your arms, core, and legs.

Begin by making sure you and your children are holding that perfect Plank Pose. This means having a straight line from the top of your head and all the way down your back. I like to tell my yoga students to pretend they have an imaginary glass of water on their back and they do not want it to spill. Hands should be directly below the shoulders.

Begin by holding The Plank together for 15 seconds. Count and make it fun. Build up to 30 seconds and finally, work up to a minute. This will happen over time and will become easier with daily practice. I like to give tips such as squeezing everything tight on your body including your legs and stomach. This will make you feel lighter and be able to hold the pose longer. Remember to breathe!

Plank Challenges are a wonderful exercise to do with someone else as we are better and stronger together!

Down Dog Hover:

This is another great exercise that will work many muscles. Hold a Down Dog Pose, then bring your knees to a hover without touching the ground. Next, extend out to Plank Pose, hold and then find your way back to Down Dog. Repeat this several times and notice the difference in how your body feels each time.

Wheelbarrow Races: yoga tree pose

Remember these from long ago? Kids love them it and it is certainly an exercise that has been forgotten over time. Is this exactly a yoga move? Not entirely, but it incorporates the Plank Pose and is lots of fun! Have your child go into Plank Pose. Hold their legs and start walking. If you want, attempt to switch positions. This exercise is sure to bring a few laughs.

Have fun with yoga poses with your kids and being active together!

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