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I just love this little cartoon. Check out the poor donut’s expression. Panic? Worry? Self-Consciousness? Yoga looks differently for everybody and that is just one of the many different things I love about yoga.

Walk into any group of kids practicing yoga and most often you will find kids that are uninhibited to try new things, taking risks and being a little different.

Let’s all embrace our inner child when it comes to yoga and to life. Smile. Be Free. Be the first to try something new and step out of your comfort zone. Try it out. See how freeing it feels!

kids yoga app

Take Yoga on the Go with the Kids Yoga Challenge App

The Kids Yoga Challenge App Includes:

  • 40 progressive yoga poses including partner poses
  • Empowering pose mantras for beginners and meditation
  • Perfect for all levels
  • Poses rated from 1-5 stars based on difficulty
  • Easy to follow illustrated and colorful yoga poses
  • Tested and proven yoga poses to achieve mental and physical benefits
  • Takes only minutes each day to gain lifelong skills and health benefits
kids yoga challenge app
Kids Yoga Challenge App on Android
kids yoga challenge app
Kids Yoga Challenge App on Apple