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Yoga Pose Bingo is a fun and active game for all ages.  This game is an engaging and easy way to introduce and teach children a variety of yoga poses.

It is a perfect way to help kids learn and practice poses while moving their bodies in good and healthy ways.

Yoga Pose Bingo is perfect for large and small groups of all ages.

Your Yoga Pose Bingo Game Includes:

  • 10 Unique Full-Sized Colorful Bingo Cards
  • Directions on How to Play
  • 40 Different Yoga Poses
  • Multicultural & Diverse
  • 1 Caller Card
  • Downloadable Game for Immediate Play

 Perfect for school, home, camps, clubs, and parties.

Ages 3-Adult

Yoga Pose Bingo Tip:

To ensure all the players are active and engaged, I like to put the Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards or the accompanying caller card into a fun colorful gift bag to draw from.

After a card is drawn, the kids that have that yoga pose then mark it on their card.

The players then practice making that yoga pose. When someone gets Bingo,  the winner shows the 4 winning yoga poses in a sequence, The kids love flowing their winning yoga poses.

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