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Welcome to our Summer Yoga Games for Children, I’m so happy that you’re here! Welcome to the first of our yoga games for preschoolers.

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Be a Bubble a mindfulness game that I play with my younger aged yoga students. This game is perfect for kids ages 2-5 years old and they love this mindfulness game. It also teaches them body awareness and respecting one another’s personal space.

This game is a lot of fun because kids get to pretend, they get to move their bodies in good and healthy ways, plus you get to incorporate bubbles which is always a good time!

be a bubble

This game and dozens of others are found in our new book, Go Go Yoga for Kids: Yoga Games & Activities for Children. This bestselling mindfulness book includes over 150 yoga games. Be a Bubble is included in the mindfulness chapter of this book.

Go Go Yoga for Kids: Yoga Games & Activities for Children
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How to Play Play Be a Bubble

  • First introduce Bubble Breath or Bubble Breathing. Have kids think about how they would blow a big bubble. They will need to breathe in and then they exhale. They’re going to pretend to blow a big bubble. The greater the exhale then they are going to have and the bigger bubble!
  • Have the children move their hands and arms to show how they are blowing the bubble and how big it gets. So breathe in then they’re blowing the bubble. And that is a great way to practice breathing exercises with be a bubble.
yoga for kids
Practicing our Bubble Breathing
  • After Bubble Breathing, it is time to get the kids moving! Have a Bubble Dance! Play music, use real bubbles, and blow them into the center of the dance floor.

Let the kids dance and try to stomp on the bubbles. Let them try to catch them on their hand, on their elbow, on their knee, on their foot, on their head, on their nose, let them try to catch bubbles on different places and body parts. They love this!

  • After the Bubble Breathing and the Bubble Dance, it is time to bring down the energy a little bit. and play the Mindfulness Game with Be a Bubble. I would tell the children that they have already played with bubbles and they know what happens if we are too rough with it. It pops!

kids yoga appThe Kids Yoga Challenge App is Available for iPhone and Android

  • Now it is time to pretend to be a bubble. We don’t want our bubble to pop, so everyone needs to blow up their bubble really big. Now let’s put ourselves into it. Be very careful! Now everyone needs to walk very mindfully and carefully around the room.
  • Play some slower music, quieter music and I would demonstrate tiptoeing and moving quietly.  I don’t want my bubble to pop, I don’t want to bump into anyone or anything, I want to be mindful of my own space.

This is also a great way to teach kids about being mindful of their own bodies, their personal space and other people’s personal space.

  • When the music stops, have the kids stay “inside their bubble. It is time to make a yoga pose. So this is tons of fun and it’s a great way to practice both mindfulness and yoga poses. So some great ones for kids, I would have from our Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards which include 40 kid-friendly yoga poses and games.
yoga pose
Want the poses sooner? You can immediately download the Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards here.
  • Call out the pose that everyone can make and show the corresponding Yoga Pose Card Visual. For example, “Everyone moves into Chair Pose. The kids would very carefully make their Chair Pose inside their Bubble. They must be careful not to be too rough, as they don’t want their bubble to pop.
  • Now we are going to go into a Tree Pose and the kids would practice holding that pose “inside their bubble”.
tree pose
Be very careful to hold Tree Pose inside your bubble so it does not pop!
  • Next turn the music would turn on again and the children would resume moving around carefully and trying not letting their bubble pop.

This is a great game to bring the energy level back down, bring mindfulness back in and the younger kids love this.

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