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Summer is in full swing. If you’re looking for something different to do with your kids this summer, skip the pool for once and try some yoga poses instead. They will love it.kid poses

Kids yoga is on the move! Washington’s Lifestyle news has excellent ideas on how to enjoy some summer yoga with your kids. They will get fit and have fun!

“Yoga has become increasingly popular among children. According to a survey from the National Institutes of Health, 1.7 million American youth practiced yoga in 2012 (that’s up 429,000 from 2007). Research has shown that yoga can improve mental and physical health in children, and because of this, more schools are introducing elements of the ancient practice in their classrooms.

“One of the main benefits is that it increases their focus and concentration … holding those yoga poses really helps them get that laser focus,” said Teresa Anne Power, an internationally recognized children’s yoga expert and author of “The ABCs of Yoga for Kids.”

Yoga also helps strengthen fine and gross motor skills in children, while increasing body awareness and self-control.

Want to introduce your little ones to yoga? Power says there’s no better time than the summer, since the activity can be done indoors on hot days, in the backyard on cooler nights and even on the beach during a family vacation. Here are her top tips for familiarizing your family with yoga”

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