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teresa-powerAs a children’s yoga bestselling author, teacher, and speaker, I am always looking for new creative ideas regarding yoga for kids. I found such a resource in Go Go Yoga for Kids! This book is chalk full of great information to help yoga teachers, classroom teachers, youth leaders, counselors, parents, and any others learn how to implement yoga into the lives of children. I was especially intrigued by the way the author incorporated her favorite childhood games in Part 6 of the book and recreated them into yoga games. Very creative and fun! I highly recommend this book to those wishing to learn how to make yoga fun for kids, and how to empower them to be active as well as mindful and meditative at the same time!

— Teresa Anne Power, author of ABCs of Yoga for Kids and founder of the International
Kids Yoga Day

susan-verdeAs a kid’s yoga and mindfulness teacher this book is an invaluable guide. Totally accessible and filled with useful information, games, and activities! I love using this book with my students. Brings out the joy of yoga!

Susan Verde, author of award-winning I am Yoga,  certified yoga instructor and mindfulness teacher

This is a great book for parents, teachers, babysitters, camp counselors and anyone else who wants to introduce yoga to children but doesn’t know how. It’s short, clear, fun, filled with photos of kids doing the poses–and inexpensive to boot. As someone who’s written about mindful parenting and has blogged on Huffington Post and elsewhere about the benefits (and joys) of teacher- and parent-led yoga, I loved that Sara Weis made this book accessible even to people who’ve never done yoga before.

She also knows what kids like–her poses have names like fairy (aka dancer’s pose) and castle (downward dog)–and what kid could resist doing “dragon” breathwork? If you only have a few minutes, you can just pick a section to lead the kids in (balancing poses, yoga games…)–each broken down by ages. And if you have time to do a whole yoga session, she shows you how to keep kids entertained with classes that include poses, yoga games, active movements, breathwork unified around a theme like “mythical creatures.” I’ve taught kids yoga before, and if I’d had this book I could have made the classes a lot more fun. Highly recommended for yourself or as a gift to anyone who works with children. ~

Meryl Davids Landau, author of Enlightened Parenting

Go Go Yoga for Kids clearly explains how to teach different ages of kids (3-6; 7-11; and tweens and teens): breathwork, sun salutations,a variety of asanas (yoga poses) with both traditional and kid-friendly names, active movement exercises,yoga games, partner poses, and
group challenges. The activities are kid-tested for fun and safety, and there’s also advice on how to professionally teach yoga to children, as well as tips for parents and classroom teachers on incorporating mindfulness and yoga into kids’ daily routines.
–Catharine Hannary of Mindful Teachers


Go Go Yoga for Kids is a fantastic resource. As a yoga teacher, I am often asked for yoga recommendations parents and teachers can share with their children. Sara’s book is mindfully prepared and easy to follow. Her passion and experience with kids shine through. I think this would be a valuable resource for scout leaders for group activities and for anyone with a group of kids needing an activity on a rainy day (indoor recess!) with ready to go lesson plans and stick figures/photos to simply follow along & enjoy.

-Sandi Hoover, BSN, RYT500, PRYT
Owner of the Family Tree Yoga, Creator of Toddler Yoga with Sandi

“As a Kindergarten teacher and Mom to three kids,  I found Go Go Yoga for Kids: A Complete Guide to Using Yoga With Kids to be an amazing resource for getting kids active with yoga.  This book will be on my bookshelf both at home and in my Kindergarten classroom.  My own children already love to do yoga, and the ideas and activities in this book will help me take our home yoga practice to a whole new level of fun and adventure. In my Kindergarten classroom, my students need frequent breaks and time to move.  I can easily pull games, community building activities, and yoga poses from this book and have my students engaged and energized in no time.  I look forward to sharing this resource with my fellow educators and friends.  It has everything you need to plan, teach, and extend a yoga class for kids of all ages and abilities.”

Katherine V. Elementary School Teacher

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    I want to thank you for all that you do! I absolutely love your yoga lesson plans, and look forward to my Go Go Yoga for Kids newsletters  I provide physical therapy services to students from young preschool age 3 through high school.  I often incorporate yoga into my therapies to not only provide my students with the benefits of yoga but to also address areas that are challenging for my students: balance, strengthening, flexibility/ stretching, motor planning, coordination and body awareness. My students love doing yoga and have fun while they are working hard.

    Anielia H., School Physical Therapist

    I am a public school elementary school teacher, as well as a certified children’s yoga teacher. Yoga has always been a part of my curriculum; however, planning the lessons can take a lot of time.  Discovering the Go Go Yoga for Kids book has been a blessing! I love the way it’s organized, with sections including illustrations and names of poses, breath work, game ideas, ways to communicate with parents, community building ideas, etc. Also, I really like the format used for lesson planning. I will definitely be incorporating the fun themed lessons, this year, in the classroom, and in the studio.

    Megan Q. Children’s Yoga Instructor, Public School Teacher

    Go Go Yoga for Kids is a must-have resource for anyone teaching yoga to kids. It doesn’t matter if you have any training or experience with yoga, this book will successfully guide you through teaching a class. As a kid’s yoga instructor, I am always searching for creative and fun ideas to add for my classes. I finally found exactly what I was looking for in Go Go Yoga for Kids. With the lesson plans included in this book you have the foundation to lead endless successful classes!

    Crystal T. Kids Yoga Instructor

    Go Go Yoga for Kids is a truly useful book for anyone wanting to teach yoga to kids. The book offers tested lesson plans , as well as practical and fun suggestions for working with children all ages. And most of all, the author’s love for children shines through her book. I highly recommend Go Go Yoga for Kids.

    Rose B. E-RYT certified and prenatal and children’s yoga instructor

    This valuable guide gives you the tools you need to entice kids of all ages to put down the video games and engage in the energetic, beneficial, creative, and mindful exercise of yoga.

    John T. Adult Yoga Instructor and Dad of 2

    This is an easy to read and complete resource about the benefits of yoga, how to teach yoga, and why children need to practice yoga. I love that Go Go Yoga for Kids clearly describes different poses that can be taught to children in age appropriate and engaging ways. As a preschool director, I appreciate that the author has written lesson plans that are ready to use and be taught to kids. If you are looking to implement yoga at home or in your classroom, this is the only book that you need!

    Michelle M., Preschool Director

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