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Kids Yoga Lesson Plan Bundle

If you’re looking to teach kids yoga and mindfulness, this is the place to begin. No yoga experience required. Perfect for Toddlers-Teens.

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Look at everything available in this bundle:

  • Building Confidence in Teens Through Yoga
  • Fun Yoga for Energetic Kids
  • Yoga for Young Children
  • PLUS…TIPS for Teaching Yoga to Children

Have you ever thought about professionally teaching yoga to children? If you have ever even thought for a moment about teaching yoga to kids… then this is your voice saying “yes…this is the time!”

Our online Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training will completely prepare you to teach yoga to children ages 3-15.  I guarantee that within a week of just starting our Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training, you will be making a positive difference in the lives of the children you love and care about!

This training is right for you if you are a:

  • New Kids Yoga Teacher looking to get started on this amazing journey and need guidance and expertise on how kids yoga really works
  • Established Kids Yoga Teacher looking to deepen your expertise on what truly works for teaching yoga to children
  • School Teacher, Counselor, Teacher Assistant looking for ways to easily include yoga and mindfulness in your classroom that takes only moments to implement and truly makes a difference in your classroom climate
  • Preschool, Day Care Instructor, or Early Childhood Educator looking to add yoga and mindfulness to your transition and circle time.
  • Counselor, Case Worker, or Health Care Professional wanting tools to help children self-regulate and provide social-emotional learning
  • Parent, Grandparent, or Family Member looking for fun, educational yoga ideas for social and emotional learning for the kids you love and care about
  • Self Starter who works with children and wants to give them the skills they will have for life through yoga and mindfulness.

If this is you and I know it is… do not wait!

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When you enroll you also receive access to our all new Live Kids Yoga Class Examples from beginning to end! This alone is worth the price. I remember when I first started teaching yoga to children. All I wanted to see was actual teaching and kids yoga in action! Now you can view an early childhood class, a school-age class, and an engaging tween & teen yoga class…as many times as you want!



 Get Ready to Discover…

 The secrets of teaching yoga to children.

  • Proven class management strategies so your classes flow effortlessly
  • Exact breathing exercises for calming and relaxing children.
  • The best yoga poses for growing kids
  • Yoga games galore that they will want to play again and again.
  • How to efficiently and easily plan a kids yoga class from beginning to end.
  • The best yoga props to use with children to make class memorable.
  • How to really create mindfulness in children
  • Proven strategies to manage and motivate your students so your class run seamlessly
  • Everything you need to know on how to teach yoga to children professionally.

 If you’re looking to teach kids yoga and mindfulness, this is the place to begin. No yoga experience required.